Monday, 12 March 2012

Day 18

I have been AWOL...Oops!I had a few niggly things going on last week, all sorted now and it is a new week and the sun is shining! Spring and Summer are difinitely on their way. Our clocks go forward at the end of March.

I had to colour my hair this morning, BOY! Did it need it!...The old natural blonde was a shining as bright as the sun today, well, grey but I call it my natural blonde...teehee. All done now!

I made Flapjacks last night...I know...BUT HEY! Don't flap....they are RAW Flapjacks and taste exactly like Flapjacks...UN...BEL...IEV...A..BLE! I have put the recipe below. No! It isn't my recipe.

Flapjacks - Kate Wood
300g/10oz Oats, soaked 8-12 hours
4Tb Agave Nectar
4Tb Plive Oil
4Tb Water
120g/4oz Raisins

Put everything except the raisins into the blender.
Blend to a porridge (you can eat it like this for breakfast if you want!)
Stir in the raisins by hand.
Spread onto a dehydrator tray lined with teflex, about 2cm/1in thick.
Dry for 12 hours then score into squares, four by five, or possibly five by five if you want to make smaller flapjacks.
Flip over and dry for a further six hours.
Store in an airtight container. Will keep for up to two weeks.

2Tb Carob Powder
2Tb Goji Berries, soaked 1-2 hrs
2Tb Bee Pollen
2Tb Maca Powder
2Tb Fresh Dates instead of Agave
1Tb Cinnamon or Mixed SpicE
2cm 1inch Fresh Root Ginger
10 Drops Orange Oil

I didn't add the raisins but what I did add was 2Tb Lucuma to my mixture...YUM!
When I had spread the mixture onto the teflex some of it was thicker in parts than other parts so I have to say, not to make them quite as thick as suggested in the recipe as the thicker parts seemed to be a tad soggy-ish in the middle after dehydration, whereas when I made them slightly thinner they were dried in the middle...PERFECT!

If you make these let me know if they taste like flapjacks, they certainly do to me!!

Today's eats
Strawberry and Banana Smoothie
3 Persimmons
Rich Tea biscuits....Not raw

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