Monday, 5 March 2012

Day 11 - Oops!

I have not blogged for a few days but here now....phew!

We popped out on Saturday morning and stocked up on a few bits of produce, always nice to buy good, fresh produce...motivating!! I popped out on Friday also and bought a couple of A5 size note books which is where I am writing recipes down what I have found on line. I am getting fed up with all the piles of paper with recipe's jotted down on them. I do have lots of raw food recipe books but sometimes we just happen to come across many good recipe's on peoples You Tubes and blogs.

Rota's today, housework and beauty. I might try and get out for a walk later today also.

I decided to make Dara's Cappucino tonic recipe that she has on You Tube but it tasted too strong for the moment anyway, so that ended up down the sink, shame!

Dara's Cappucino
Tea pot of Yerba Maté tea
2tsp hpd Cacao
Dash Reishi Powder
1/2tsp Vanilla Powder
1tsp Honey
English Toffee Stevia
3tsp Dandy Blend
1tsp Coconut Oil


I have another Coffee drink recipe from a lovely lady, Marsha which I will maybe make later or I will make it tomorrow morning, I will let you know anyway.
If you want Marsha's Coffee recipe then go here: Raw Bliss forum because I am not sure if Marsha would allow me to share it.

After Dara's Cappucino I had a Sharon fruit to calm my taste buds down....Whoa! That was strong, nice but strong.

What I have consumed today
7.45am Banana
8.40am 1/4 C Dara's Cappucino
9.50am Sharon Fruit


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