Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Day 26 - Mothers Day

We had Mothers Day on Sunday and my eldest son, Michael brought presents for me which included a box of Thorntons chocolates from my grandbabies. I also got 2 GORGEOUS cards, a grandma bar of chocolate, a bottle of Blossom Hill rosé wine, and a very cute tin with a cute little mug inside with pictures and words printed on it saying, 'Go to Grandma's! Home of the WORLD FAMOUS tea & sympathy'....CUTE!

Of course the Thorntons and the bar of chocolate has gone.

I decided to join, 'Kates Magic Bubble' where I can get 10% off my rawders, watch vids, get new recipe's from Kate and get lots of helpful information and answers to my questions direct from Kate. You can check it out here: Kates Magic Bubble although you wont be able to ask Kate questions, access her video's or recipes unless you join; the details are there at the Bubble.

I am determined to feed my body with healthy raw foods, so this morning I started off with, 'Chia Up Love' which is the Chia Seed recipe. Everytime I have this it really helps with my loo stops...TMI - You can get some of Kate's recipe's for free here: Kates Recipe's

Right then, that is me for now but I will post those pics today and let you know of the rest of my day. Back later today

I fell asleep for a few hours this afternoon. I have noticed that I am not needing to have a sleep every afternoon now. I think the reason I felt so tired today is that it is lady time and at this time of the month, and the older I have gotten I find that I get extra tired during this time.
I definitely do have more energy through the days more often now.

Here is my latest rawder.
The vanilla protein powder can also be put into raw cakes and of course smoothies. I am sure Dara Dubinet has recently put a video up of a cake being made and they put a scoop of protein powder into the recipe.
The magic mix is going to also be used in a raw cake by Kate Magic, I will try and find her You Tube and put it below.

Kate's Crunk Crunch Cake You Tube

After watching the video again I noticed that it is Hi Trail I needed not Magic Mix but it doesn't matter I don't think.

Below is a pic of the Raw cacao brazil nut bliss spread that I bought form the Nutricentre and a few other bits and pieces, a strawberry slicer and food scoop to scoop all those lovely chopped goodies and put it all straight into the bowl.

Here is a pic of rice cakes that I am finding quite helpful for those times when I am unprepared. I know they are not raw but they are certainly better than a lot of things that I could grab when I don't have crackers or raw bread made.

Back tomorrow with some more pics of my latest Raw books.


bitt said...

Happy Mother's Day! You all have it earlier than we do. Enjoy your treats. I liked the video, I wish I could have a slice of that delicious looking cake.

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