Saturday, 31 March 2012

Day 37 - Walked &....

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I walked into town and back this morning, that was after I got petrol for the car for the MOT on Monday. The petrol delivery guys are threatening strikes and of course an MP advised everyone to fill their tanks and jerry cans up, so of course everyone rushes out and empties the petrol pumps so there is NO petrol left for anyone else.....UTTER GREED!! But I managed to get some petrol this morning but I only got £10 worth so as not to be greedy, as long as I have enough for the MOT on Monday, then I'm happy but if I couldn't have got petrol then I would have had to cancel the MOT because of others GREED!...What is is the point of emptying the pumps? If there is going to be a strike then it isn't even going to happen until AFTER the Easter holidays and then they have to give 7 days notice before they can strike.....CRAZINESS AND GREED FOR SURE!!
It was on the news yesterday that a poor woman got 40% burns on her body when decanting petrol from a jerry can that the MP advised everyone to fill.
Anyway, enough of my ranting!

I am getting a 4 tier steel powder coated shelving unit today for my kitchen, it means I am going to have to move my vegetable trolley but I think the shelves would be better there and I will hopefully get my raw food packets etc and also things from my work tops onto the shelves, although it is ONLY a 4 tier shelving unit....we'll see. The 4 tier shelf is the only shelf that will fit in my kitchen because I have fitted wall and floor cupboards all around and then my American fridge freezer which pretty much takes up any remaining floor space.

Oh! I made the Protein balls the other day but before I got chance to take a pic of them....they were eaten, the boys loved them too, so that was that. I will make some more this weekend and take a pic.

I am going to make a positive effort to exercise as of Monday, I need to!

I got my shelves but I'm not sure if it looks tidier or not? But I am leaving the shelves there because I need them and that is literally the only place I can put them, AND I can also get my freezer door wide open whereas when the vegetable trolley was there I couldn't open the freezer door fully.
I have got some things onto the shelves that I had around my kitchen worktops and that I could not fit into the cupboards, I have also managed to put my overspill of raw food products on the shelves, so it's all good!
I actually already have 1 double and 1 single wall cupboard full with my raw foods, so extra shelving was very much needed.



And now I have more space on my worktops also which I am very pleased about, I don't like cluttered worktops, my clutter is now in one place....teehee.

I will be back either later today or tomorrow.


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