Sunday, 1 April 2012

Day 36 - April 1st

My new shelves. Well, I have basically been adding more clutter to my shelves so now I have my stone grinder on there too, it is better than where I used to keep my stone grinder which was on my small landing floor in my front hallway. Small landing meaning that in our downstairs hallway we have 2 steps up to a small landing and into our downstairs loo and then the stairs turn to go upstairs and then another little landing and another step to upstairs...Whoa! What a carry on eh? Anyway, it was on the first small landing that I used to have my stone grinder sitting...ummm

Kristin Susanne has things all over her home but I prefer to try and keep things in their correct room and area's.

I have put some very ripe bananas into my dehydrator. Bananas are SOO YUMCIOUS when they have been dehydrated...AT HOME! The bought banana chips have been deep fried so don't be fooled when you see them in your health food store, they obviously aren't that healthy if they have to be deep fried.

I am going to make some more protein balls tonight or tomorrow. No school for James for the next two weeks because it is Easter Holiday so I can uncook till my hearts content....woohoo - actually I have a GORGEOUS! Cream egg recipe from Tanya Alekseeva's Seduced book which if you click on her link on the right of this blog you will be able to purchase Tanya's seduced ebook.

I think that is all for today so I will chat again tomorrow


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