Sunday, 15 April 2012

Day - 50 Grocery Shopping

We went out yesterday and done our huge grocery haul. Asda first, then into town, then to our eldest son, Michael's house, then to Costco which is my FAVOURITE place and where I tend to spend the most and it appears that I am spending more every time I go there, not necessarily because the prices have risen but because I am adding more items to my list of necessities. It used to be £60-ish then it went to £90-ish then £125-ish then £150-ish and now it is £180-ish, worth it though!

I am well stocked up now, I just love it when my fridge and cupboards etc are stocked.

Well, today, I'm not expecting much to happen today except housework but tomorrow I will be including exercise into my day and making recipe's - Oh! I made the/my own recipe the other day and well, I need to work on it so I wont be posting it until and if I get it right, I'm still not telling you what it is until I get it right, if I can that is...nothing startling.

Back later today or tomorrow.


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