Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Day 45 - AWOL

I know, I haven't updated much over the last week or so but I'm back and still hoping to get some recipe's made, I have just been enjoying the Easter Weekend and not doing much at all!
I did make the protein balls again and again I didn't take a picture, I scoffed them, well, me and my middle son, Adam did.

I am going to make a definite effort to make the recipe that I want to create and a Crunck Crunch Cake and some Raw Cream Eggs. I am also going to make Abeba's Noodles recipe.
If anyone wants to check out Abeba's Krazy Kracker books then either click the link on the right or go to this link: 'Abeba's Krazy Krackers' or click on Abeba's Picture where you can find all the details.

I would also like to ask you to check out this forum: Raw Bliss where you can find loads of helpful information, recipe's etc and video's from the Krazy Kracker lady, Chaya Ryvka etc. The forum is free to join.
WOW! I have been on a bit of a promotion kick this morning, but these are people, forums etc that I find EXCELLENT! If I didn't then I wouldn't let you know about them.

This morning I have had a banana and a couple of protein balls for breakfast this morning.

Back later today


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