Saturday, 21 April 2012

Day 56 - Abeba's Krazy Krackers

I received a lovely gift yesterday. A tub of Abeba's Krazy Krackers from the lady herself, "THANKYOU SO MUCH ABEBA!"
I have to say, these Krazy Krackers are ABSOLUTELY KRAZILY FANTASTIC! You MUST try them or buy Abeba's books and make them yourself. I have made some of Abeba's Krazy Krackers from her books and they are FANTASTIC! But it is SUCH a treat to have some directly from Abeba. Click HERE and buy Abeba's books, hard copy and instant download ebooks, if you like Krazy Krackers then you will be pleased you did! Go to Abeba's Krazy Krackers Facebook and click 'LIKE' also, I think Abeba deserves that because these Krazy Krackers really hit the spot when you want that Krazy Krunch and they are SOOO much better, low fat, low calorie etc for us than crisps/chips...Thankyou for bringing out Krazy Krackers Abeba! These are a life saver for the crisp/chip addict for sure!!
I am seriously going to have to get into my kitchen and make a good pile of these Krazy Krackers so I have a stock of them.

A list of things I am going to make this week:
Krazy Krackers
Cream Eggs - still hadn't got round to making them yet, hopefully this week.
Kale chips
Cauliflower popcorn
Crunk Crunch Cake

I have had to defrost my small freezer tonight because I noticed that it was icy, I know freezers are meant to be icy but it gets extra icy around the doors etc when it needs defrosting, It's done now, I just need to wipe the extra water from the inside and switch it back on. Thank goodness that I don't need to defrost my American fridge freezer, it is frost free.

I got very little sleep last night beause I am having a really bad flare up of sinusitis. Every time I lay down last night I would doze off for 10 minutes and then be woken up with REALLY bad pain, it was terrible! I had to sleep sitting up just to get some sort of relief which doesn't help to get a decent sleep. My hubs went to the chemist this morning and bought me some Sudafed which really helps me, not the Sudafed that can be bought from the shelf, it has to be the Sudafed from the pharmacist himself. The pharmacist is only legally allowed to sell one box per person because apparently folk have been buying it to put into drugs....SHOCKING! What next?!
If I can do more raw and more consistently then I'm sure my sinus problems would ease, possibly clear up even.

I have just switched my little freezer back on so I will be able to get some things back into it. I have had to put the food into a freezer bag.

I have started to get into my rota's but still slacking with my exercise.
I will definitely be back tomorrow and I am going to be more consistent with my blogging.

Night Night


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