Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day 53

I have been rather busy these last couple of days.
Monday, actually I dozed off in the afternoon but I did get out for a few more groceries, things I forgot to get on Saturday. We went back to Costco on Monday evening to buy the picture I wanted....I know, I just COULD NOT resist, it is so beautiful!! I LOVE it! I LOVE Bluebells! It is rather a large picture and looks so good on our chimney breast wall.

I also bought a new Tefal I need another gadget but it might be easier and quicker....I can always find a reason to buy another gadget.

I will post a better pic of this later.

Yesterday I was at my sisters grabbing some bags of soil and bricks, she has recently had builders in building her an extension for her kitchen and there is soil and bricks that she wants moved so I said I could use the bricks because we need to build some new gate posts and higher to keep the local kids out of our property and the soil for my planters that my hubby made last year. I want to use the planters for fruit and veg, they aren't massive but I sure could grow a few things in them, actually, I am going to buy some Kale seeds and fill one planter with kale...WooHoo
We still need to get loads more soil so we might go for more today...good exercise!
I also done a little bit of gardening yesterday, I created a new flower bed and have planted a holly bush...which I LOVE! And also a few other things....teehee I can never remember the names of the plants, as long as they look nice eh?!

Well today is a new day and a raw day so I am off into the kitchen for a banana or two. I will be back later today.


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