Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Day 60 - Hurting

Well, I haven't been able to eat much at all because of the sinus pain which is now subsiding  but it is now hurting my teeth.

My hubby cut the grasses today just in time before the rain started and I have cleaned all the floors. The sweat was dripping...TMI eh?! Strangely enough I didn't feel excessively hot, just warm yet the sweat was pouring out my pores...MADNESS - probably all down to this sinus trouble.

My mam visited on Monday which was a lovely suprise, we also visited my mother and are getting on really well! SOOO nice!! I have my mam back!

I need to do more more cleaning because of feeling unwell not a lot had been done over the last so many days....getting there!

Back soon

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Day 57 - Hospital

I didn't sleep at all last night but I did manage to fall asleep at around 7.00am but was woken up with pain again at 8.00am. This pain has been getting worse and more frequent and I was beginning to think that there was something more sinister, maybe an abcess, or because I clench my teeth whilst asleep due to stress I was thinking that I had caused some severe damage to my teeth or gums. My husband hates seeing me in pain and so he took it upon himself to ring the emergency dentist for advice but the dentist wanted me to go into the emergency surgery. At 2.30pm we got to the hospital. The dentist checked everything and even done an xray. He was very pleased to tell me that there was no abcess, not a cavity, nothing but he did diagnose severe sinusitis. WOW! I do get really bad painful sinusitis.
My own dentist diagnosed me with suffering with sinusitis so many years ago after getting pain and keep going to him thinking it was a poorly tooth, but this pain is on a whole new level. The dentist told me that sinusitis can be extrememly painful and comes in different strengths....I KNOW THAT NOW! I have NEVER had sinusitis pain this bad before but I will expect more of this level of pain in the future unless I can get a high amount of raw into my daily life which will hopefully eleviate all these problems.
I have actually only had 6.5 hours of sleep since Friday morning, 2 of those were tonight when I fell asleep at about 6.00pm until 8.00pm These were the BEST 2 hours of sleep I have had since Friday morning, I am hoping for more of this tonight!!

I started my spring challenge to include more raw in my daily diet for 66 days but I haven't increased raw much more, fits and starts really. The idea was to have as near as 100% raw for the 66 days which by the end of the 66 days I wouldn't pick at the processed rubbish because I wouldn't crave it and I would be much more prepared with raw foods for any cravings that I did have but not a lot has changed. I have 9 days left as of tomorrow so here is to the remaining 9 days to be as near to 100% raw as possible.

Well, I think that is all for today. I did manage to clean the bathroom and do a couple of loads of laundry....inbetween bouts of pain, the rest of the time my sweet husband has fetched and carried for me...BLESS HIM!


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Day 56 - Abeba's Krazy Krackers

I received a lovely gift yesterday. A tub of Abeba's Krazy Krackers from the lady herself, "THANKYOU SO MUCH ABEBA!"
I have to say, these Krazy Krackers are ABSOLUTELY KRAZILY FANTASTIC! You MUST try them or buy Abeba's books and make them yourself. I have made some of Abeba's Krazy Krackers from her books and they are FANTASTIC! But it is SUCH a treat to have some directly from Abeba. Click HERE and buy Abeba's books, hard copy and instant download ebooks, if you like Krazy Krackers then you will be pleased you did! Go to Abeba's Krazy Krackers Facebook and click 'LIKE' also, I think Abeba deserves that because these Krazy Krackers really hit the spot when you want that Krazy Krunch and they are SOOO much better, low fat, low calorie etc for us than crisps/chips...Thankyou for bringing out Krazy Krackers Abeba! These are a life saver for the crisp/chip addict for sure!!
I am seriously going to have to get into my kitchen and make a good pile of these Krazy Krackers so I have a stock of them.

A list of things I am going to make this week:
Krazy Krackers
Cream Eggs - still hadn't got round to making them yet, hopefully this week.
Kale chips
Cauliflower popcorn
Crunk Crunch Cake

I have had to defrost my small freezer tonight because I noticed that it was icy, I know freezers are meant to be icy but it gets extra icy around the doors etc when it needs defrosting, It's done now, I just need to wipe the extra water from the inside and switch it back on. Thank goodness that I don't need to defrost my American fridge freezer, it is frost free.

I got very little sleep last night beause I am having a really bad flare up of sinusitis. Every time I lay down last night I would doze off for 10 minutes and then be woken up with REALLY bad pain, it was terrible! I had to sleep sitting up just to get some sort of relief which doesn't help to get a decent sleep. My hubs went to the chemist this morning and bought me some Sudafed which really helps me, not the Sudafed that can be bought from the shelf, it has to be the Sudafed from the pharmacist himself. The pharmacist is only legally allowed to sell one box per person because apparently folk have been buying it to put into drugs....SHOCKING! What next?!
If I can do more raw and more consistently then I'm sure my sinus problems would ease, possibly clear up even.

I have just switched my little freezer back on so I will be able to get some things back into it. I have had to put the food into a freezer bag.

I have started to get into my rota's but still slacking with my exercise.
I will definitely be back tomorrow and I am going to be more consistent with my blogging.

Night Night

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day 53

I have been rather busy these last couple of days.
Monday, actually I dozed off in the afternoon but I did get out for a few more groceries, things I forgot to get on Saturday. We went back to Costco on Monday evening to buy the picture I wanted....I know, I just COULD NOT resist, it is so beautiful!! I LOVE it! I LOVE Bluebells! It is rather a large picture and looks so good on our chimney breast wall.

I also bought a new Tefal I need another gadget but it might be easier and quicker....I can always find a reason to buy another gadget.

I will post a better pic of this later.

Yesterday I was at my sisters grabbing some bags of soil and bricks, she has recently had builders in building her an extension for her kitchen and there is soil and bricks that she wants moved so I said I could use the bricks because we need to build some new gate posts and higher to keep the local kids out of our property and the soil for my planters that my hubby made last year. I want to use the planters for fruit and veg, they aren't massive but I sure could grow a few things in them, actually, I am going to buy some Kale seeds and fill one planter with kale...WooHoo
We still need to get loads more soil so we might go for more today...good exercise!
I also done a little bit of gardening yesterday, I created a new flower bed and have planted a holly bush...which I LOVE! And also a few other things....teehee I can never remember the names of the plants, as long as they look nice eh?!

Well today is a new day and a raw day so I am off into the kitchen for a banana or two. I will be back later today.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Day - 50 Grocery Shopping

We went out yesterday and done our huge grocery haul. Asda first, then into town, then to our eldest son, Michael's house, then to Costco which is my FAVOURITE place and where I tend to spend the most and it appears that I am spending more every time I go there, not necessarily because the prices have risen but because I am adding more items to my list of necessities. It used to be £60-ish then it went to £90-ish then £125-ish then £150-ish and now it is £180-ish, worth it though!

I am well stocked up now, I just love it when my fridge and cupboards etc are stocked.

Well, today, I'm not expecting much to happen today except housework but tomorrow I will be including exercise into my day and making recipe's - Oh! I made the/my own recipe the other day and well, I need to work on it so I wont be posting it until and if I get it right, I'm still not telling you what it is until I get it right, if I can that is...nothing startling.

Back later today or tomorrow.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Day 45 - AWOL

I know, I haven't updated much over the last week or so but I'm back and still hoping to get some recipe's made, I have just been enjoying the Easter Weekend and not doing much at all!
I did make the protein balls again and again I didn't take a picture, I scoffed them, well, me and my middle son, Adam did.

I am going to make a definite effort to make the recipe that I want to create and a Crunck Crunch Cake and some Raw Cream Eggs. I am also going to make Abeba's Noodles recipe.
If anyone wants to check out Abeba's Krazy Kracker books then either click the link on the right or go to this link: 'Abeba's Krazy Krackers' or click on Abeba's Picture where you can find all the details.

I would also like to ask you to check out this forum: Raw Bliss where you can find loads of helpful information, recipe's etc and video's from the Krazy Kracker lady, Chaya Ryvka etc. The forum is free to join.
WOW! I have been on a bit of a promotion kick this morning, but these are people, forums etc that I find EXCELLENT! If I didn't then I wouldn't let you know about them.

This morning I have had a banana and a couple of protein balls for breakfast this morning.

Back later today

Friday, 6 April 2012

Day 41 - Good Friday

Good the years fly by.

I have some idea's rattling around my head for recipe's to make and create, some of my own idea's...I think, unless they have already been made by other folk, I don't think they have. I wont tell you yet what my idea's are at the moment, you will have to come back and see if I manage to create something all on my own...WOW!

I still want to make the raw Cream Egg recipe from Tanya's, 'Seduced' Ebook, I made it last year, or the year before but I want to make it again.

Our car is going in for the MOT on Tuesday, yes it was supposed to be in on Monday but there was a mess up and it didn't get done....NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT! Great garage eh? NOT!

Well, just housework today and I will also get into the kitchen.

I should be back later today....check back!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Day 38 - Winter

'What being overweight really means,' click HERE to find out more!

WOW! We are having Winter weather. We had Summer weather over the last 2-ish weeks and now it is back to windy, rainy, blustery with a tad of snow thrown in for good measure Winter weather....CRaAaAzy!

I walked up to a small supermarket this morning in my hope of buying Romaine lettuce and fresh sweetcorn, they didn't have either but! I did buy: Tomatoes, Carrots, Pineapple and a few none healthy things....for my boys but I confess to having a little of what they got...TUT!

Back later today

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Day 36 - April 1st

My new shelves. Well, I have basically been adding more clutter to my shelves so now I have my stone grinder on there too, it is better than where I used to keep my stone grinder which was on my small landing floor in my front hallway. Small landing meaning that in our downstairs hallway we have 2 steps up to a small landing and into our downstairs loo and then the stairs turn to go upstairs and then another little landing and another step to upstairs...Whoa! What a carry on eh? Anyway, it was on the first small landing that I used to have my stone grinder sitting...ummm

Kristin Susanne has things all over her home but I prefer to try and keep things in their correct room and area's.

I have put some very ripe bananas into my dehydrator. Bananas are SOO YUMCIOUS when they have been dehydrated...AT HOME! The bought banana chips have been deep fried so don't be fooled when you see them in your health food store, they obviously aren't that healthy if they have to be deep fried.

I am going to make some more protein balls tonight or tomorrow. No school for James for the next two weeks because it is Easter Holiday so I can uncook till my hearts content....woohoo - actually I have a GORGEOUS! Cream egg recipe from Tanya Alekseeva's Seduced book which if you click on her link on the right of this blog you will be able to purchase Tanya's seduced ebook.

I think that is all for today so I will chat again tomorrow