Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day 28 Wedding Anniversary

Myself and my husband are celebrating our 29th Wedding Anniversary today....GO US! We celebrate our Pearl Wedding Anniversary next year....WOW!

Here are a few pics of some of my buys this month.

Cuisinart Hand Blender

Ceramic Knives
These looked like toys to me when I opened the parcel but believe me, they ain't toys, they are blummin sharp, so much so I cut my thumb with the first use.

Ann Wigmores Book
This is fab! It is full of info and recipe's

Seduced E-Book
An E-book full of chocolate recipe's...YUM!
If you want to buy this e-book then click, 'Better Raw'

Raw Cheese Recipes E-Book
An E-book full of cheese recipes, bread, crackers and sauces that all go lovely with the various cheese recipes.....PERFECT!
If you want to buy this e-book then click, 'Russel James'

I made the bread recipe from this 'Raw Cheese' book and I have to say it is SOOO YUMMY! I read in another blog that when the lady made the bread recipe she found it a little hard to swallow and I have to agree the same, that it is a tad hard to swallow as it is a rather dense recipe, although, I was eating it alone without any cheese, so maybe if I had eaten it along with cheese then it may not have been as hard to swallow, but still worth making

Garlic Bread
The BEST raw bread recipe I have found and tasted.

I also bought an egg mould to make the Cream Eggs from the 'Seduced' e-book, so as soon as I get the eggs made then I will post a pic of those here.
Another little thing I bought was a palette of makeup by Jemma Kidd.

Well, there is nothing else to report for now, so I will be back later.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Day 25 Happy Easter....

Or whats left of it, well it is still Easter Monday.
I am back to blogging daily now and I will get those pics uploaded today, actually I am hoping to make and upload some raw Easter Egg pictures today also. I bought an e-book called 'Seduced' which is fab and it is in this book that the Easter Egg recipe is in - if you are interested in Tanya's e-book then here is the link: SEDUCED

Right then, I am off to get on with a few jobs around here, oh! And I must get my housework rota updated so I will be back very soon, later today

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Day 20 Been Feeling Unwell

Sorry I haven't been around lately, I haven't been feeling the best what with a dicky tummy and depression! I am on tablets for depression but sometimes it still gets the better of me, anyway, lets not talk about that eh?
We went for a huge grocery shop last week so I am still well stocked up, actually, I have to confess to not sticking to raw at all lately and I feel that because of this that is why my tummy hasn't been feeling the best and with a tad of constipation really wanted to know that didn't you?...teehee - overall I haven't been feeling well at all and I still have a dicky tummy so I am back with STICKING to my raw food. For breakfast this morning I had berries and ground up brazils.

I have grapes; strawberries; blueberries and raspberries in there. I used to HATE raspberries but now I LOVE them...YUM! I first bought them a few weeks ago at Coscto to see if I still hated them but to my suprise they were so YUMMY! Maybe our tastes change as we get older or maybe it is because of incorporating more raw into my life over the last few years.

When we were in Costco last week they had a Cuisinart handblender on display and as soon as I see Cuisinart, well, I drool...teehee and my hubby knows that - I bought one, I don't particularly need one because I have a Rosemary Conley handblender but my hubby insists that because it is a Cuisinart it is bound to be better and that I needed to buy it, well, we don't go out drinking and it is only once a month usually when we treat ourselves.
I ordered some ceramic knives which arrived yesterday....BRILLIANT! So pleased with those also. I bought a few other things, I will post pics later today but in the meantime here are a few pics of the BEAUTIFUL Bluebells in my garden.

Back later today with more pics. I must go and update rota pages now.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day 14

I have been suffering with a migraine but I have managed to update my rota pages.

I am going for our big grocery shop tomorrow, nice fresh produce!...YUM!!

I will be back tomorrow

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Day 12 Durian

I started off today with YUMMY Durian. I had ordered 6 cans as the price was reduced because of the date on the cans (June 10th), not a problem for me because I will have them eaten well before the date.

Updated rotas

I have managed to consume two cans of dried Durian....with plenty of water I hasten to add.
For my evening meal I chopped and cubed a pineapple and had that....YUM!

I am still putting things in that processed cupboard, I really need to STOP being so lazy!! Because I know that is what is behind a lot of my processed snacking.

"Processed" Cupboard
Rich Tea biscuits
3 packets ready salted crisps

Monday, 11 April 2011

Day 11 Wakey Wakey Me!!!

Yep! Wakey wakey me!!! This is meant to be about eating and living raw and look at what I have been like?...MADNESS....Where is the raw amongst all the rubbish?? Actually I did eat quite a bit of raw foods but WAAAAY too much processed also.
Lets get going on this raw!!

I am off to update my rota pages, so feel free to check those out; I will be updating those pages daily.

"Processed" Cupboard
Blue Riband biscuits
Chips (french fries)
2 slices of bread spread with margarine
Rich tea biscuits

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Day 10 Let Myself Down

Well over these last few days my "Processed" cupboard is full of rubbish......self sabotage!!

Okay, today is a new day and I am stocked up with some lovely foods.

I bought a few lovely things yestersday:
3 mangoe's
6 romaine lettuce
2 bags bananas
1 bag mixed crispy salad
2 pineapple
Oriental pears

I think that was it but all good stuff! I am planning on having salads today.

"Processed" Cupboard
4 Blue Riband biscuits
Rich Tea biscuits
Chicken dinner

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Day 9 Need more.....

Salads and juices, that is the answer! I really need to eat more greens, and I was thinking that salads might actually help stave off the picking pangs...teehee.
I might pop up to Asda today, or maybe tomorrow to top up on some salad ingredients, I dont need much as I still I have a fair bit in my fridge but there are a few things I don't have in i.e. pears, tomatoes, spring onions and I want another pineapple, I have one in my kitchen but I feel I might be getting a thing for pineapple.....better than processed.

Once again not a lot happening today except housework - Oh! I am beginning to look forward to starting exercise again, got to be careful with that knee though.

I have noticed something about myself over this last week of eating more raw and that is the lethargy or the lack of it I should say, what a difference, I am feeling much less lethargic! Which is great because I have felt lethargic for YEARS! But this time round it seems to be lifting somewhat.

Okay then, I will be back later today with the haps and food, meals, nosh, grub, scran....POSH NOSH!

"Processed" cupboard
1/3 pkt Rich tea biscuits
1 bag chips....AGAIN!
Diet coke
6 Creme Eggs...Oh Dear!
5 bags crisps

Oh My Goodness! What was I thinking???

Friday, 8 April 2011

Day 8

When going upstairs my knee is feeling the excess weight I am carrying and it clicks, it has clicked for a few years now but it has got worse with my ever increasing waist line, the solution - lose weight!!! Hence the raw and for health also of course!

I started off today with a couple of bananas, I wanted flax crackers but I ran out of them so I quickly soaked some chia seeds because chia seeds go gelatinous quicker than flax, I did also throw in a few flax seeds and I now have some more crackers in the dehydrator.
I used all the almond nut butter I made recently so I whipped some more up, two types of nut butter this time, cashew and almonds which are now ready and waiting for the crackers, just like me....waiting for the crackers!

I now have buckwheaties made so I will be making some recipes from Jessica Fenton's NEW book

"PROCESSED" Cupboard
1 pkt Walkers ready salted crisps
4 Bars of chocolate....a moment of MADNESS - not weakness - small bars but not good.
1 Bag of chips

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Day 7 Weigh In

I have lost 0.6 on the scales today, not a lot but way better than a poke in the eye with a big stick eh?! If I'm honest I wasn't expecting a loss on the scales AT ALL this week.

Okay, I have onion bread, chedda cheese and cheesey kale chips all dehydrating away there...WooHoo I also made another batch of the sushi rice, GOSH! That stuff is YUM!
This morning I have had banana, flax crackers, homemade almond butter and honey.

By about 8.00am this morning I had got laundry into the machine, watered my tree's and plants, made Adam's packed lunch and cleaned my patio doors, kitchen window and back door glass.
I am slowly feeling more motivated in more area's which is great!

I am changing the, "naughty" cupboard name to the, "processed" cupboard.

"Processed" Cupboard
A teeny tiny, less than a 1/4tsp taste of soup, testing the temp for James' lunch.
1x2 finger Kit Kat
2 tiny Chicken Dippers
1 teeny Cola Bottle sweetie

I could have just sat or got up and made lunch and because I was starting to feel hungry and I do not want to put any more in the "Processed" cupboard I decided to get up and make lunch. VOILA! Lunch

Sushi! Heart shaped sushi. That hand appearing is my middle son's hand, he is a very healthy eater and loves healthy foods. I used a sushi maker that I bought a few year ago from Lakeland but unfortunately they don't stock them now. This is only the second time I have used the Sushi maker and I have to say, I need a lot more practise using it.

Well, my "Processed" cupboard has a few things in it but I think it looks better today than it did yesterday.

I'm not feeling very hungry tonight so I might just have an apple for my evening meal.

I have now put the buckwheat into the dehydrator to make my buckwheaties and then I will try some of the recipes from my new book.
I need to make some more almond butter tonight and maybe get some more flax crackers into the dehydrator because I am enjoying the crackers with nut butter and honey for breakfast.

I think that is all for today.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Day 6 A Better Start

The tree's are turning green, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, well, it is shining more often....teehee and it is getting warmer here in the UK.....thank goodness!

I have had flax crackers, homemade nut butter, banana and raw honey for breakfast this morning and I am feeling good!

I received the second parcel/Mothers Day present mid-morning.

What girl doesn't like receiving makeup! I love it!

I will be back later with hopefully a lunch pic.

I have been rather busy taking my furniture covers off and getting them into the washing machine to wash the lip gloss off them that one of my grandaughters wiped on from her finger.....I'm not too thrilled! But at least it washes off, and the covers were due a wash.

I have nuts and seeds soaking to make Rhio's Chedda Cheese later today and Buckwheat to make Buckwheaties, these wheaties are needed for a few recipes in, 'Jessica Fenton's Chocolate Recipe's' Book. I am thinking about getting some Onion Bread in the dehydrator tonight also. I need to make lots of lovely foods with the things I already have in my fridge etc because around the back end of next week I will be going out for my huge grocery shop.

Oh! I know I still haven't done my rota pages but I WILL get them done, I haven't forgot, actually, I am still searching for a little more motivation to not only put them into the pages but to actually be doing them each day as I type them.

I still haven't had lunch yet....TUT TUT!

I made the Sushi rice recipe and WOW! Is all I can say, it is FANTASTIC! Give it a try!!
I have now binned mine.....WHY? I hear you ask, well, after I had a taste of it I looked into it and a hair had managed to get into it, well, hair in food is a NO NO! For me, even picking it out is no good, I WONT EAT THE FOOD! Despite the fact that it looked like one of my own hair, very long and coloured.
I have more Sunflower seeds soaking so I am going to be making more. I ended up grabbing naughties for lunch because of not being able to eat my sushi, no excuses really I should have made a salad, infact there are loads of things I could have made!!!

Okay, I am starting a "Naughty Cupboard"
And basically this cupboard is a section here on my blog that I am going to post into daily itemising "naughty" or processed foods that I have sneaked in that day and hopefully this cupboard will become empty as I succeed in the raw way of eating.

"Naughty Cupboard"
8 Rich Tea Biscuits
6 teeny chicken dippers, which were too spicy for me.....I ain't no spice girl!
3 small yorkshire puddings
Plain boiled pasta

Pick, pick, pick is all I seem to have done with very little raw today....not pleased with myself AT ALL! I didn't realise just how much processed foods I am allowing into my day until I started this "Naughty Cupboard" and that is just the first day. I can see a bit of pattern there, all carbs except for the dippers and way too much processed for one day in that "Naughty Cupboard." It just shows me how much work I need to do.

Well I'm off into my kitchen to prepare a few things which should help me stop filling up that big ole "naughty"cupboard.

Weigh in tomorrow.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Day 5 And Organisation

Yep, that is what I need to do, ORGANISE! So I am going to prepare my evening meal and put it into the fridge then after the grandchildren's visit then I can just grab my meal.

My grandchildren were here again yesterday evening. I do love to see them but things get on top of me sometimes, well, I am human afterall.

I need to get my rota pages updated.

Today consists of blog and page updates, housework and raw meal preparation.

I have cleaned my downstairs loo and cleaned and polished ALL of my downstairs floors and now I am wrecked, it has taken me AAAAGES! But so worth it.
I have put some more Sunflower seeds into soak to make the nori filling (video below) I was soaking them yesterday but because I didn't get the chance to make the recipe I had to throw them away....such a waste! So I am trying again today.

Oooo! Excited...I got a new book today. This is the first of two belated Mothers Days presents from my hubby and two younger sons, I have had to wait for it to come through the post.
I will HAVE to make some of the recipes from this....YUMMY!

Here is a couple of pics of Mothers Days presents from my eldest son, his partner and my three grandchildren.

Here is a pic of the back of one of the mugs.....Awwww

Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 4 And......

Getting fed up now AND NOT with the raw food way of life, my raw has been really bad and as good as none excuses but I am NOT getting any time to make, prepare, or even eat. I LOVE to see my grandchildren but when they arrive they are here for around 4 hours every day and that is the time I need to myself for myself and I don't care how selfish that sounds but I am not being allowed that time. I started home schooling my boys so the day is pretty much taken up with them and then from 3.30pm the evening is taken up with grandchildren. I love them and I love to see them, but come on! They are wrecking our home and Mammy wont tell them, my son keeps them under control when he comes here with them, he is quite strict but fair with them, probably because we were strict but fair with him and impressed on him to respect his and other peoples property, but their Mammy just lets them get away with it and myself and my husband are left trying to tell them to STOP!! No! I'm not a "children should be seen and not heard" person but they should learn to respect from as early as possible and play with their toys and not ornaments etc or be allowed to kick balls around the house or their mammy letting them climb around with cups of milk etc in their hands. At the moment we have a chip in the floor to repair, the curtain pole to fix up properly (we need to buy some bigger screws) a door handle to fix back on (we need to buy bigger screws again) walls to paint, scratches on our desk to conceal, marks on my 2.5 week old kitchen island to remove and furniture covers to wash etc. My youngest son, James caught one of the girls just about to scratch my kitchen cupboard door fronts with a hair clip the other day, of course he stopped her....thank goodness! Apparently they have wrecked their other grandparents home and ripped up photographs etc. YES I am rather fed up and angry about the whole situation now! And now you see why I am fed up? About 4 hours a day of destruction, including no time to myself! Rant over!

Well, lets just say that my raw food life is a slow start and hopefully things will get better because I want to be as much raw as possible in my life.

Success on a plate....for MEEEE! Finally! Breakfast!! Here is my pic. I had cinnamon flax crackers with my homemade almond butter, raw honey and a banana...YUM! Infact so yum I went back for a couple more...oops!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Day 3 & Mothers Day

I didn't get back yesterday because it wasn't the best day BUT I plan on to be eating at LEAST 90% raw WAAAY before the end of this challenge.

I am planning on making a sushi roll today and trying out a new rice type filling, infact here is the video of it, it looks nice and I can imagine it tasting very much like rice although it doesn't look much like rice.

Tonight I am going to soak Sunflower seeds and Pine nuts to make Rhio's cheesey sauce. This sauce is so versatile, it can be poured over broccoli etc and served, also poured over kale then dehydrated for a cheesey kale chips, it can be dehydrated into crackers or dehydrated and then crumbled to put over other recipes i.e pasta recipe's.

I am getting into my rota's as of tomorrow and I will post each day on those pages (on the right) until I have the months rota's all completed.

Yes, it is Mothers Day here in the UK and my eldest son and his family are coming round later to bring my cards.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Day 2

7.46am and a brand new day and it has been raining first thing, ah well....who cares? We need to be grateful for the rain afterall.

I haven't had breakfast yet but I will be back later with updates.

Day 1

I started the day off with 3 Bananas and a spoon of almond butter...YUM! My almond butter is much nicer than the roasted bought almond butter.

I needed to go into town to stock up on linseeds, sunflower seeds and cashews and because Holland & Barrett has a 'Penny Deal' running at the moment at Buy one item at full price and the second for 1p....can't complain at that eh? I decided to go there.

I walked into town and back because I haven't exercised or even walked anywhere for so long, except for when walking around stores but getting to the stores in the car....lazy! I have to say that I really felt the walk, I felt like a frumpy slow middle aged woman, walking was not comfortable at all, my back hurt, my right ankle hurt and I was glad to get home, this makes me realise that I am going to have to definitely introduce the exercise into my life. I might walk into town and back again tomorrow also. I will be starting my exercise rota as of Monday.

I haven't had lunch yet so no pic for lunch. I didn't take a pic of my breakfast because we all know what bananas look like...teehee

I have flax crackers in the dehydrator, onion crackers and cinnamon crackers AND they are in the dehydrator together. I have scored them, turned them and now they are back in the dehydrator. I had a little taste  and the flavours have NOT crossed, that is something I have always been wary of.

My first day has been so so, I would say about 60%. It is rather hard when I have to have all the SBD foods in the house for the family because they wont go raw. I am going to be more prepared because the longer I go eating ONLY raw foods the less I will feel the urge to nibble the odd bit of processed, although, Alissa Cohen says that it is better to go 100% raw straight away because that way we are not keeping the taste for processed foods, that makes a lot of sense to me!! It is like smoking, you have to just STOP! I used to smoke, oh some 20+ years ago and I knew I had to just STOP! There is no way I could have weaned myself off them so I did just STOP! I need to remember that!!!! I am going to do the Allisa Cohen raw!!

Tomorrow is another day.

Back tomorrow