Thursday, 7 April 2011

Day 7 Weigh In

I have lost 0.6 on the scales today, not a lot but way better than a poke in the eye with a big stick eh?! If I'm honest I wasn't expecting a loss on the scales AT ALL this week.

Okay, I have onion bread, chedda cheese and cheesey kale chips all dehydrating away there...WooHoo I also made another batch of the sushi rice, GOSH! That stuff is YUM!
This morning I have had banana, flax crackers, homemade almond butter and honey.

By about 8.00am this morning I had got laundry into the machine, watered my tree's and plants, made Adam's packed lunch and cleaned my patio doors, kitchen window and back door glass.
I am slowly feeling more motivated in more area's which is great!

I am changing the, "naughty" cupboard name to the, "processed" cupboard.

"Processed" Cupboard
A teeny tiny, less than a 1/4tsp taste of soup, testing the temp for James' lunch.
1x2 finger Kit Kat
2 tiny Chicken Dippers
1 teeny Cola Bottle sweetie

I could have just sat or got up and made lunch and because I was starting to feel hungry and I do not want to put any more in the "Processed" cupboard I decided to get up and make lunch. VOILA! Lunch

Sushi! Heart shaped sushi. That hand appearing is my middle son's hand, he is a very healthy eater and loves healthy foods. I used a sushi maker that I bought a few year ago from Lakeland but unfortunately they don't stock them now. This is only the second time I have used the Sushi maker and I have to say, I need a lot more practise using it.

Well, my "Processed" cupboard has a few things in it but I think it looks better today than it did yesterday.

I'm not feeling very hungry tonight so I might just have an apple for my evening meal.

I have now put the buckwheat into the dehydrator to make my buckwheaties and then I will try some of the recipes from my new book.
I need to make some more almond butter tonight and maybe get some more flax crackers into the dehydrator because I am enjoying the crackers with nut butter and honey for breakfast.

I think that is all for today.


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