Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Day 5 And Organisation

Yep, that is what I need to do, ORGANISE! So I am going to prepare my evening meal and put it into the fridge then after the grandchildren's visit then I can just grab my meal.

My grandchildren were here again yesterday evening. I do love to see them but things get on top of me sometimes, well, I am human afterall.

I need to get my rota pages updated.

Today consists of blog and page updates, housework and raw meal preparation.

I have cleaned my downstairs loo and cleaned and polished ALL of my downstairs floors and now I am wrecked, it has taken me AAAAGES! But so worth it.
I have put some more Sunflower seeds into soak to make the nori filling (video below) I was soaking them yesterday but because I didn't get the chance to make the recipe I had to throw them away....such a waste! So I am trying again today.

Oooo! Excited...I got a new book today. This is the first of two belated Mothers Days presents from my hubby and two younger sons, I have had to wait for it to come through the post.
I will HAVE to make some of the recipes from this....YUMMY!

Here is a couple of pics of Mothers Days presents from my eldest son, his partner and my three grandchildren.

Here is a pic of the back of one of the mugs.....Awwww


Sasha said...

Mmm. Those look yummy. I just found your blog on raw rehab. Looks great. I love the sparkle at the top.

Raw Bluebells said...

Thankyou Sasha!

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