Friday, 1 April 2011

Day 1

I started the day off with 3 Bananas and a spoon of almond butter...YUM! My almond butter is much nicer than the roasted bought almond butter.

I needed to go into town to stock up on linseeds, sunflower seeds and cashews and because Holland & Barrett has a 'Penny Deal' running at the moment at Buy one item at full price and the second for 1p....can't complain at that eh? I decided to go there.

I walked into town and back because I haven't exercised or even walked anywhere for so long, except for when walking around stores but getting to the stores in the car....lazy! I have to say that I really felt the walk, I felt like a frumpy slow middle aged woman, walking was not comfortable at all, my back hurt, my right ankle hurt and I was glad to get home, this makes me realise that I am going to have to definitely introduce the exercise into my life. I might walk into town and back again tomorrow also. I will be starting my exercise rota as of Monday.

I haven't had lunch yet so no pic for lunch. I didn't take a pic of my breakfast because we all know what bananas look like...teehee

I have flax crackers in the dehydrator, onion crackers and cinnamon crackers AND they are in the dehydrator together. I have scored them, turned them and now they are back in the dehydrator. I had a little taste  and the flavours have NOT crossed, that is something I have always been wary of.

My first day has been so so, I would say about 60%. It is rather hard when I have to have all the SBD foods in the house for the family because they wont go raw. I am going to be more prepared because the longer I go eating ONLY raw foods the less I will feel the urge to nibble the odd bit of processed, although, Alissa Cohen says that it is better to go 100% raw straight away because that way we are not keeping the taste for processed foods, that makes a lot of sense to me!! It is like smoking, you have to just STOP! I used to smoke, oh some 20+ years ago and I knew I had to just STOP! There is no way I could have weaned myself off them so I did just STOP! I need to remember that!!!! I am going to do the Allisa Cohen raw!!

Tomorrow is another day.

Back tomorrow


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