Sunday, 3 April 2011

Day 3 & Mothers Day

I didn't get back yesterday because it wasn't the best day BUT I plan on to be eating at LEAST 90% raw WAAAY before the end of this challenge.

I am planning on making a sushi roll today and trying out a new rice type filling, infact here is the video of it, it looks nice and I can imagine it tasting very much like rice although it doesn't look much like rice.

Tonight I am going to soak Sunflower seeds and Pine nuts to make Rhio's cheesey sauce. This sauce is so versatile, it can be poured over broccoli etc and served, also poured over kale then dehydrated for a cheesey kale chips, it can be dehydrated into crackers or dehydrated and then crumbled to put over other recipes i.e pasta recipe's.

I am getting into my rota's as of tomorrow and I will post each day on those pages (on the right) until I have the months rota's all completed.

Yes, it is Mothers Day here in the UK and my eldest son and his family are coming round later to bring my cards.


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