Friday, 8 April 2011

Day 8

When going upstairs my knee is feeling the excess weight I am carrying and it clicks, it has clicked for a few years now but it has got worse with my ever increasing waist line, the solution - lose weight!!! Hence the raw and for health also of course!

I started off today with a couple of bananas, I wanted flax crackers but I ran out of them so I quickly soaked some chia seeds because chia seeds go gelatinous quicker than flax, I did also throw in a few flax seeds and I now have some more crackers in the dehydrator.
I used all the almond nut butter I made recently so I whipped some more up, two types of nut butter this time, cashew and almonds which are now ready and waiting for the crackers, just like me....waiting for the crackers!

I now have buckwheaties made so I will be making some recipes from Jessica Fenton's NEW book

"PROCESSED" Cupboard
1 pkt Walkers ready salted crisps
4 Bars of chocolate....a moment of MADNESS - not weakness - small bars but not good.
1 Bag of chips


Sasha said...

Hopefully your knee feels better. Mine does the cracking too,but I have been like that since I was a young child. Well hope your crackers are done soon. I have never heard of that book before.

Raw Bluebells said...

Hi Sasha, the book is a brand new book, just released and as far as I know it is only in the UK at the moment.

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