Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Day 20 Been Feeling Unwell

Sorry I haven't been around lately, I haven't been feeling the best what with a dicky tummy and depression! I am on tablets for depression but sometimes it still gets the better of me, anyway, lets not talk about that eh?
We went for a huge grocery shop last week so I am still well stocked up, actually, I have to confess to not sticking to raw at all lately and I feel that because of this that is why my tummy hasn't been feeling the best and with a tad of constipation really wanted to know that didn't you?...teehee - overall I haven't been feeling well at all and I still have a dicky tummy so I am back with STICKING to my raw food. For breakfast this morning I had berries and ground up brazils.

I have grapes; strawberries; blueberries and raspberries in there. I used to HATE raspberries but now I LOVE them...YUM! I first bought them a few weeks ago at Coscto to see if I still hated them but to my suprise they were so YUMMY! Maybe our tastes change as we get older or maybe it is because of incorporating more raw into my life over the last few years.

When we were in Costco last week they had a Cuisinart handblender on display and as soon as I see Cuisinart, well, I drool...teehee and my hubby knows that - I bought one, I don't particularly need one because I have a Rosemary Conley handblender but my hubby insists that because it is a Cuisinart it is bound to be better and that I needed to buy it, well, we don't go out drinking and it is only once a month usually when we treat ourselves.
I ordered some ceramic knives which arrived yesterday....BRILLIANT! So pleased with those also. I bought a few other things, I will post pics later today but in the meantime here are a few pics of the BEAUTIFUL Bluebells in my garden.

Back later today with more pics. I must go and update rota pages now.


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