Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 4 And......

Getting fed up now AND NOT with the raw food way of life, my raw has been really bad and as good as none excuses but I am NOT getting any time to make, prepare, or even eat. I LOVE to see my grandchildren but when they arrive they are here for around 4 hours every day and that is the time I need to myself for myself and I don't care how selfish that sounds but I am not being allowed that time. I started home schooling my boys so the day is pretty much taken up with them and then from 3.30pm the evening is taken up with grandchildren. I love them and I love to see them, but come on! They are wrecking our home and Mammy wont tell them, my son keeps them under control when he comes here with them, he is quite strict but fair with them, probably because we were strict but fair with him and impressed on him to respect his and other peoples property, but their Mammy just lets them get away with it and myself and my husband are left trying to tell them to STOP!! No! I'm not a "children should be seen and not heard" person but they should learn to respect from as early as possible and play with their toys and not ornaments etc or be allowed to kick balls around the house or their mammy letting them climb around with cups of milk etc in their hands. At the moment we have a chip in the floor to repair, the curtain pole to fix up properly (we need to buy some bigger screws) a door handle to fix back on (we need to buy bigger screws again) walls to paint, scratches on our desk to conceal, marks on my 2.5 week old kitchen island to remove and furniture covers to wash etc. My youngest son, James caught one of the girls just about to scratch my kitchen cupboard door fronts with a hair clip the other day, of course he stopped her....thank goodness! Apparently they have wrecked their other grandparents home and ripped up photographs etc. YES I am rather fed up and angry about the whole situation now! And now you see why I am fed up? About 4 hours a day of destruction, including no time to myself! Rant over!

Well, lets just say that my raw food life is a slow start and hopefully things will get better because I want to be as much raw as possible in my life.

Success on a plate....for MEEEE! Finally! Breakfast!! Here is my pic. I had cinnamon flax crackers with my homemade almond butter, raw honey and a banana...YUM! Infact so yum I went back for a couple more...oops!


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