Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Day 6 A Better Start

The tree's are turning green, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, well, it is shining more often....teehee and it is getting warmer here in the UK.....thank goodness!

I have had flax crackers, homemade nut butter, banana and raw honey for breakfast this morning and I am feeling good!

I received the second parcel/Mothers Day present mid-morning.

What girl doesn't like receiving makeup! I love it!

I will be back later with hopefully a lunch pic.

I have been rather busy taking my furniture covers off and getting them into the washing machine to wash the lip gloss off them that one of my grandaughters wiped on from her finger.....I'm not too thrilled! But at least it washes off, and the covers were due a wash.

I have nuts and seeds soaking to make Rhio's Chedda Cheese later today and Buckwheat to make Buckwheaties, these wheaties are needed for a few recipes in, 'Jessica Fenton's Chocolate Recipe's' Book. I am thinking about getting some Onion Bread in the dehydrator tonight also. I need to make lots of lovely foods with the things I already have in my fridge etc because around the back end of next week I will be going out for my huge grocery shop.

Oh! I know I still haven't done my rota pages but I WILL get them done, I haven't forgot, actually, I am still searching for a little more motivation to not only put them into the pages but to actually be doing them each day as I type them.

I still haven't had lunch yet....TUT TUT!

I made the Sushi rice recipe and WOW! Is all I can say, it is FANTASTIC! Give it a try!!
I have now binned mine.....WHY? I hear you ask, well, after I had a taste of it I looked into it and a hair had managed to get into it, well, hair in food is a NO NO! For me, even picking it out is no good, I WONT EAT THE FOOD! Despite the fact that it looked like one of my own hair, very long and coloured.
I have more Sunflower seeds soaking so I am going to be making more. I ended up grabbing naughties for lunch because of not being able to eat my sushi, no excuses really I should have made a salad, infact there are loads of things I could have made!!!

Okay, I am starting a "Naughty Cupboard"
And basically this cupboard is a section here on my blog that I am going to post into daily itemising "naughty" or processed foods that I have sneaked in that day and hopefully this cupboard will become empty as I succeed in the raw way of eating.

"Naughty Cupboard"
8 Rich Tea Biscuits
6 teeny chicken dippers, which were too spicy for me.....I ain't no spice girl!
3 small yorkshire puddings
Plain boiled pasta

Pick, pick, pick is all I seem to have done with very little raw today....not pleased with myself AT ALL! I didn't realise just how much processed foods I am allowing into my day until I started this "Naughty Cupboard" and that is just the first day. I can see a bit of pattern there, all carbs except for the dippers and way too much processed for one day in that "Naughty Cupboard." It just shows me how much work I need to do.

Well I'm off into my kitchen to prepare a few things which should help me stop filling up that big ole "naughty"cupboard.

Weigh in tomorrow.


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