Saturday, 9 April 2011

Day 9 Need more.....

Salads and juices, that is the answer! I really need to eat more greens, and I was thinking that salads might actually help stave off the picking pangs...teehee.
I might pop up to Asda today, or maybe tomorrow to top up on some salad ingredients, I dont need much as I still I have a fair bit in my fridge but there are a few things I don't have in i.e. pears, tomatoes, spring onions and I want another pineapple, I have one in my kitchen but I feel I might be getting a thing for pineapple.....better than processed.

Once again not a lot happening today except housework - Oh! I am beginning to look forward to starting exercise again, got to be careful with that knee though.

I have noticed something about myself over this last week of eating more raw and that is the lethargy or the lack of it I should say, what a difference, I am feeling much less lethargic! Which is great because I have felt lethargic for YEARS! But this time round it seems to be lifting somewhat.

Okay then, I will be back later today with the haps and food, meals, nosh, grub, scran....POSH NOSH!

"Processed" cupboard
1/3 pkt Rich tea biscuits
1 bag chips....AGAIN!
Diet coke
6 Creme Eggs...Oh Dear!
5 bags crisps

Oh My Goodness! What was I thinking???


Sasha said...

That is great that you feel good. Awesome or shall I say Rawsome.

Raw Bluebells said...

Thankyou Sasha, I appreciate your support very much!!

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