Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day 28 Wedding Anniversary

Myself and my husband are celebrating our 29th Wedding Anniversary today....GO US! We celebrate our Pearl Wedding Anniversary next year....WOW!

Here are a few pics of some of my buys this month.

Cuisinart Hand Blender

Ceramic Knives
These looked like toys to me when I opened the parcel but believe me, they ain't toys, they are blummin sharp, so much so I cut my thumb with the first use.

Ann Wigmores Book
This is fab! It is full of info and recipe's

Seduced E-Book
An E-book full of chocolate recipe's...YUM!
If you want to buy this e-book then click, 'Better Raw'

Raw Cheese Recipes E-Book
An E-book full of cheese recipes, bread, crackers and sauces that all go lovely with the various cheese recipes.....PERFECT!
If you want to buy this e-book then click, 'Russel James'

I made the bread recipe from this 'Raw Cheese' book and I have to say it is SOOO YUMMY! I read in another blog that when the lady made the bread recipe she found it a little hard to swallow and I have to agree the same, that it is a tad hard to swallow as it is a rather dense recipe, although, I was eating it alone without any cheese, so maybe if I had eaten it along with cheese then it may not have been as hard to swallow, but still worth making

Garlic Bread
The BEST raw bread recipe I have found and tasted.

I also bought an egg mould to make the Cream Eggs from the 'Seduced' e-book, so as soon as I get the eggs made then I will post a pic of those here.
Another little thing I bought was a palette of makeup by Jemma Kidd.

Well, there is nothing else to report for now, so I will be back later.


Sasha said...

Sounds like a lot is happening in the kitchen. I have not tried the bread yet. Congrats on the anniversary!!! That is amazing.

Raw Bluebells said...

Thankyou for the Congratulations Sasha!!!

The bread is delicous, give it a try!
I am hoping to get very busy in the kitchen, I just got to move myself more often, I just seem to get busy in bursts...not good enough eh?

Thankyou for your comments!

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