Friday, 22 July 2011

Being Raw

I got up this morning and weighed in and I have lost....5.7lb I did gain last week.....TUT! TUT!
I have had my morning shower and washed my hair and then came downstairs and have had a banana, I am going to have a couple more banana's soon.

I received a July buy a few days ago which I will take a pic of later, actually, it is still in the box...TUT TUT! Not where it should be at all!

Monday, 18 July 2011


For those who don't have a stone grinder and want to make coconut butter then here is a video by John on how to make coconut cream, coconut fibre, coconut butter and coconut oil.

Saturday, 16 July 2011


Went out yesterday and got my HUMONGOUS grocery shop in. Once a month a buy a huge amount of groceries and every month whilst in Asda I always get comments...teehee. One guy at the check out kept looking at my trolley of groceries, which actually should have been in two trolley's for safety reasons, anyway, I said to him, "this is a months worth" he replied, "I wondered because if that was a weeks worth then you would all have to go on diets"....Teehee I took that as a sort of compliment because I may not look so overweight to others as I think I do to myself.
I do also get small grocery shops inbetween my huge grocery shop.
I also had to buy a pair of black trousers yesterday for something I have coming up in so many weeks but I had to buy a size 20....OMG!! I did try to find a size 18 which MIGHT have fit but they may not have been comfortable but they didn't have any 18's anyway. I had to buy them in a petite trouser leg length.....I must be quite short, the short leg length was even too long....ummmm - petite leg it is. I have a few weeks before this thing which I can't mention happens, anyway, I am going to try to get down a size or so before this thing happens because I do have 18's and 16's black trousers in my wardrobe, so I will see if I can wear a pair of those size 16's would be good!!

I also bought a Flash Power mop yesterday, spare mop heads/cloths and solution which should be a lot easier to keep my floors spick and span daily. I will then use the special floor polish once or twice a week to keep them in good condition.

I have ordered a couple of items for my July buy which I am not telling you what they are but as soon as they arrive I will post pics of them.

My James is watching 'The Nutty Professor' it is SOO FUNNY! Sad bits though.....poor prof!

I have had more of a quiet day today and I have been incredibly tired so I had a nap on the settee this afternoon.

I think that is all for today.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Just busy......

Cleaning today - washing bedding, cleaning cupboards etc. When I cleaned my raw food cupboards I ended up throwing loads away i.e. superfoods, dates etc...WOW! Have GOT to make sure that doesn't happen again, organisation is what I need because I had things i.e. superfoods, nuts, sweeteners etc in every cupboard instead of sweeteners on one shelf, superfoods on another etc but I have sorted it now.

I still haven't finished cleaning my kitchen cupboards, I got quite a few....thankfully! I have cleaned the main cupboards and the rest can be incorporated into my one cupboard per week cleaning now. I also cleaned the tops of the cupboards...PHEW!

Eating has not been so good today...DAMN! - Tomorrow is another day.

I didn't get my stone grinder going again because of doing the cleaning. Tomorrow I am vaccuming the bedrooms, landings and stairs, cleaning my downstairs floors, cleaning my bathroom and loo and downstairs loo, stripping my bed (done the kids beds today) polishing furniture and cleaning my patio doors - Oh! And clean my fridge/freezer ready for my big grocery shop. I will be doing my rota's as of next week, I just wanted to get a bigger clean done this week.

Well, not a lot to report today, nothing of any interest anyway but I wanted to blog all the same as this is my diary to look back on in years to come.

It is nearly 10 past 9pm so I think I will get myself sorted and watch a little TV in bed.

Nighty night.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Lots To Do

I got up at the usual 6.00am and jumped under the shower.
I had a salad last night for my evening meal and I added pineapple to my salad, I put half the pineapple into a lock n lock and I had that and some blueberries for breakfast this morning.
I am feeling quite peckish now so I am thinking of having a sliced banana and my raw chocolate sauce poured over it. I took the chocolate out of the fridge earlier so it softenend and it is lovely and runny now.

I sliced up 2 bananas and poured some of my choccy sauce over. I was so full I struggled to finish it.

I received a couple of things this morning:

The Genius Salad Chef

A Prepology Tea Pot to make my tonics and herbal tea's. I watched Dara on You Tube making her tonics. This tea pot has a sterling silver strainer which prevents it rusting...FAB!

It came with a zippy cozy

I have an hour of beauty on TV now so I am going to watch that whilst eating my banana and choccy sauce and then I am going to clean ALL of my kitchen cupboards. I have decided to clean all my cupboards today because with feeling so depressed lately I let my rota's slip somewhat and because I am feeling SOOO much better now I am going to do a blitz.....WoooHooo


Monday, 11 July 2011

Wrong! It's A....


Here is a pic of the inside. You can see the stone wheels which grind the contents down to a liquid...FANTASTIC!

Here it is grinding brown coconut meat into a coconut butter....BRILLIANT!! No more having to buy coconut butter which is rather pricey. I only ground up a small amount to test if it would grind hard brown coconut meat and as you can see the stone grinder ground it with absolute ease!!

Making raw chocolate using almonds, carob, cacao, vanilla extract, coconut oil, orange oil and zylitol. I had read that using agave or coconut nectar doesn't work as these sweeteners change the texture but stevia works but because I didn't have any stevia in the house the only other thing I had and could try using was zylitol (natural fruit sugar) which as you can see worked a treat! Another way would have been to maybe add the agave or coconut nectar by hand in a seperate bowl after the ingredients had ground sufficiently.

Almonds....WOW! Quickly blitzed in the Vitamix first and then poured into the stone grinder. This is after a very short time and you can easily see an almond butter forming. The longer it is ground the more liquid it a water consistency.

Here is the chocolate after the grinding. I poured some into chocolate moulds and the rest into a jar so I have a chocolate sauce, it is SOOOO decadent!! And gorgeous on flax crackers or softened and poured over fruit. 
It does firm up in the fridge but it doesn't go hard and is spreadable.
This is so AMAZING that even my 100% dedicated meat eating hubby had loads of it and he wont touch anything raw but he loves this chocolate.

The almond butter - this had been in the fridge for a couple of hours at this point and as you can see it is still pourable...AMAZING!! I could have ground it even longer had I wanted to.

Well, tomorrow consists of plenty of cleaning and housework and I am thinking of making more in my stone grinder.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

I'm Back!!

Yep, I'm back! I just wanted time out for a while, I just didn't want to blog, the depression just got too bad this time but I have to say that I think I am winning over this....long may it last!! I am unfortunately taking anti-depressants but it is still hard! I am hoping to come off them in time! I am going to continue on the raw lifestyle which might help me come off my anti-depressants.
I am feeling ready to get back into rota's, exercise and LIFE!!

Anyway, my June buy, I didn't put a pic up did I??  TUT! TUT!
Here it is, do you know what it is? Comment below before I tell ya and give more pics.

Is it a bird? Ist it a plane? No! It's a......??

I have been rather good with eating raw this last week or so which made me think that maybe that is why I have been feeling a lot better lately...I do hope it is! I also noticed that after my shower this morning when I was doing my eyebrows in the mirror that my skin is looking really good too! More even toned and the redness in my cheeks has calmed down a lot! I have got a spot on my chin which could be down to starting to detox.
Oh! Oh! My weigh in this week....I LOST......6.3lb's - What do you think of that then? I am SOOO pleased!!!

Oh My! I am feeling SOOOO much better!! I LOVE IT!!