Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Just busy......

Cleaning today - washing bedding, cleaning cupboards etc. When I cleaned my raw food cupboards I ended up throwing loads away i.e. superfoods, dates etc...WOW! Have GOT to make sure that doesn't happen again, organisation is what I need because I had things i.e. superfoods, nuts, sweeteners etc in every cupboard instead of sweeteners on one shelf, superfoods on another etc but I have sorted it now.

I still haven't finished cleaning my kitchen cupboards, I got quite a few....thankfully! I have cleaned the main cupboards and the rest can be incorporated into my one cupboard per week cleaning now. I also cleaned the tops of the cupboards...PHEW!

Eating has not been so good today...DAMN! - Tomorrow is another day.

I didn't get my stone grinder going again because of doing the cleaning. Tomorrow I am vaccuming the bedrooms, landings and stairs, cleaning my downstairs floors, cleaning my bathroom and loo and downstairs loo, stripping my bed (done the kids beds today) polishing furniture and cleaning my patio doors - Oh! And clean my fridge/freezer ready for my big grocery shop. I will be doing my rota's as of next week, I just wanted to get a bigger clean done this week.

Well, not a lot to report today, nothing of any interest anyway but I wanted to blog all the same as this is my diary to look back on in years to come.

It is nearly 10 past 9pm so I think I will get myself sorted and watch a little TV in bed.

Nighty night.


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