Saturday, 9 July 2011

I'm Back!!

Yep, I'm back! I just wanted time out for a while, I just didn't want to blog, the depression just got too bad this time but I have to say that I think I am winning over this....long may it last!! I am unfortunately taking anti-depressants but it is still hard! I am hoping to come off them in time! I am going to continue on the raw lifestyle which might help me come off my anti-depressants.
I am feeling ready to get back into rota's, exercise and LIFE!!

Anyway, my June buy, I didn't put a pic up did I??  TUT! TUT!
Here it is, do you know what it is? Comment below before I tell ya and give more pics.

Is it a bird? Ist it a plane? No! It's a......??

I have been rather good with eating raw this last week or so which made me think that maybe that is why I have been feeling a lot better lately...I do hope it is! I also noticed that after my shower this morning when I was doing my eyebrows in the mirror that my skin is looking really good too! More even toned and the redness in my cheeks has calmed down a lot! I have got a spot on my chin which could be down to starting to detox.
Oh! Oh! My weigh in this week....I LOST......6.3lb's - What do you think of that then? I am SOOO pleased!!!

Oh My! I am feeling SOOOO much better!! I LOVE IT!!


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