Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Lots To Do

I got up at the usual 6.00am and jumped under the shower.
I had a salad last night for my evening meal and I added pineapple to my salad, I put half the pineapple into a lock n lock and I had that and some blueberries for breakfast this morning.
I am feeling quite peckish now so I am thinking of having a sliced banana and my raw chocolate sauce poured over it. I took the chocolate out of the fridge earlier so it softenend and it is lovely and runny now.

I sliced up 2 bananas and poured some of my choccy sauce over. I was so full I struggled to finish it.

I received a couple of things this morning:

The Genius Salad Chef

A Prepology Tea Pot to make my tonics and herbal tea's. I watched Dara on You Tube making her tonics. This tea pot has a sterling silver strainer which prevents it rusting...FAB!

It came with a zippy cozy

I have an hour of beauty on TV now so I am going to watch that whilst eating my banana and choccy sauce and then I am going to clean ALL of my kitchen cupboards. I have decided to clean all my cupboards today because with feeling so depressed lately I let my rota's slip somewhat and because I am feeling SOOO much better now I am going to do a blitz.....WoooHooo



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