Monday, 11 July 2011

Wrong! It's A....


Here is a pic of the inside. You can see the stone wheels which grind the contents down to a liquid...FANTASTIC!

Here it is grinding brown coconut meat into a coconut butter....BRILLIANT!! No more having to buy coconut butter which is rather pricey. I only ground up a small amount to test if it would grind hard brown coconut meat and as you can see the stone grinder ground it with absolute ease!!

Making raw chocolate using almonds, carob, cacao, vanilla extract, coconut oil, orange oil and zylitol. I had read that using agave or coconut nectar doesn't work as these sweeteners change the texture but stevia works but because I didn't have any stevia in the house the only other thing I had and could try using was zylitol (natural fruit sugar) which as you can see worked a treat! Another way would have been to maybe add the agave or coconut nectar by hand in a seperate bowl after the ingredients had ground sufficiently.

Almonds....WOW! Quickly blitzed in the Vitamix first and then poured into the stone grinder. This is after a very short time and you can easily see an almond butter forming. The longer it is ground the more liquid it a water consistency.

Here is the chocolate after the grinding. I poured some into chocolate moulds and the rest into a jar so I have a chocolate sauce, it is SOOOO decadent!! And gorgeous on flax crackers or softened and poured over fruit. 
It does firm up in the fridge but it doesn't go hard and is spreadable.
This is so AMAZING that even my 100% dedicated meat eating hubby had loads of it and he wont touch anything raw but he loves this chocolate.

The almond butter - this had been in the fridge for a couple of hours at this point and as you can see it is still pourable...AMAZING!! I could have ground it even longer had I wanted to.

Well, tomorrow consists of plenty of cleaning and housework and I am thinking of making more in my stone grinder.


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