Saturday, 16 July 2011


Went out yesterday and got my HUMONGOUS grocery shop in. Once a month a buy a huge amount of groceries and every month whilst in Asda I always get comments...teehee. One guy at the check out kept looking at my trolley of groceries, which actually should have been in two trolley's for safety reasons, anyway, I said to him, "this is a months worth" he replied, "I wondered because if that was a weeks worth then you would all have to go on diets"....Teehee I took that as a sort of compliment because I may not look so overweight to others as I think I do to myself.
I do also get small grocery shops inbetween my huge grocery shop.
I also had to buy a pair of black trousers yesterday for something I have coming up in so many weeks but I had to buy a size 20....OMG!! I did try to find a size 18 which MIGHT have fit but they may not have been comfortable but they didn't have any 18's anyway. I had to buy them in a petite trouser leg length.....I must be quite short, the short leg length was even too long....ummmm - petite leg it is. I have a few weeks before this thing which I can't mention happens, anyway, I am going to try to get down a size or so before this thing happens because I do have 18's and 16's black trousers in my wardrobe, so I will see if I can wear a pair of those size 16's would be good!!

I also bought a Flash Power mop yesterday, spare mop heads/cloths and solution which should be a lot easier to keep my floors spick and span daily. I will then use the special floor polish once or twice a week to keep them in good condition.

I have ordered a couple of items for my July buy which I am not telling you what they are but as soon as they arrive I will post pics of them.

My James is watching 'The Nutty Professor' it is SOO FUNNY! Sad bits though.....poor prof!

I have had more of a quiet day today and I have been incredibly tired so I had a nap on the settee this afternoon.

I think that is all for today.


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