Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Day 34 - Whoops!

Long time no hear/read eh?
I thought I would write a raw menu plan so here it is:

Daily Dietery Plan - ALL RAW

3 Smoothies per day

Raw granola

Lunches: Serve with vegetables
Wraps or rolls
Raw Soup
Raw Pizza

Main Meal: Serve with vegetables
Raw curry
Raw Meatballs
Raw Pasta
Raw Casserole

The weather has been THE BEST lately but it is set to get a tad cooler despite the fact that I read on, I think Yahoo that we were in for a hot weekend.....ummm.

I have been busy doing housework and not a lot else really.
I am going to have to sort out my raw food storage. I was looking at some great metal shelving in Costco but I just don't have the room in my kitchen or anywhere else in my home to put it, pitty because it would have solved a storage problem.

I am going to have to sort out some extra storage because I really could do with something. I have a small walk in cupboard but it would be too warm in there because of water pipes coming down the wall inside the cupboard that go to radiators.....ummm this is going to be something for me to think about and figure out I think.

Back later or tomorrow with pics of my days food.


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