Saturday, 17 March 2012

Day 23

Oh WOW! Time flies.

Wednesday I received my new leather settee and foot stool for my living room. it is beautiful!! It is a 3 seater settee, I do prefer the look of 2 seaters better but my livingroom can easily take the 3 seater and it is so much better to lounge on, AND NO MORE squabbling from the boys because one is sitting further over than the other, they can have a full space between them.

I went out on Thursday and done a huge grocery shop. I had to take myself this time as my hubby couldn't get the day off work...boohoo - he normally comes with me....and does the driving...TeeHee but on Thursday I had to do the driving...humfff I like to take in the views....views! Here? Well, hey! There is always lots to see but this day I had to watch the traffic and where I was going instead. Ah well!

On Thursday morning I went to Asda where my intentions were to spend no more than about £70 on things like ink for the printer, shoes for the boys and toiletries, but OH NO! Not I, I ended up spending £153 buying things like cook in sauces, meats etc for the family - I did buy plenty vegetables also and lots of toiletries and hair colours.

I got back from Asda and put some fridgy things away and then I had to go to Sainsbury's to buy.....wait for it! DOUGHNUTS! Yes I did say DOUGHNUTS, JAMMY ONES at that. My hubby is a pain in the butt for the Sainsbury's jam doughnuts. Anyway, I had to buy a few boxes of those and take them to him at work, he did share them out with the lads which is something I suppose, it meant he didn't eat them all himself. I also found sweet white miso at Sainsbury's so I bought 2 packets of that...LOVE sweet white miso.

After dropping the doughnuts off for my hubby at work I then drove up to Tesco. I bought a box of mangoe's only to buy another huge box from Costco later in the day. I always buy Costco fruit and veg because it seems to be fabulous quality and the mangoe's at Costco are bigger and so much nicer so I just couldn't not buy another box of mangoe's at Costco. Anyway where was I? Oh! Tesco. I also bought my usual sweet onions; Tesco is the only place that I can find that sells sweet onions....madness! I bought fresh sage Oh! And coconut milk powder, I know! It wont be raw but it will be convenient....ARRGGHH! Am I getting caught up in the conveince food trap?!?!

I bought a few other bits and pieces also, Tamari, chick peas.
Of course because I was in Tesco I just have to pop into the Nutricentre. I bought a new book which I will post tomorrow. It was a book by Elaine Bruce who lives here in the UK and she runs her own Raw food retreat. You can visit it here: UK Centre For Living Foods. I have had a quick look through the book and it is very informative and covers things like rejuvelac, fermenting and sprout growing, as well as lots more. I also stocked up on Organic Linseeds, Organic Wheat, Raw Brazil nut bliss spread, Alfalfa favourite!

I came back home and put the groceries away. When my hubby came home from work we then went to Costco, hubby likes to go there.
We went into Costco and bought my usual fruits, vegetables, frozen foods etc - we also came out with a huge fireplace and fire....TeeHee My hubby took the fireplace and fire home because it took the full car and he had to tie the boot lid down. He had to come back to pick me and James up...teehee.

So that was my Thursday. It is always a busy day on our big grocery shop days, we don't always buy huge items like fireplaces and fires though.....PHEW!

On Friday I received an order from Raw Living...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that place! And the Nutricentre and Costco! My favourite places to shop! I will post a pic tomorrow of my rawder as my husband calls them.....good name for my raw orders, rawders.

Back tomorrow


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