Sunday, 17 March 2013

Handy Dandy

My eyes open and I glance at the clock...8.38am....ahhh bliss! No alarm today. I slowly close my eyes again and drift back off for another hour. Squeak the bedroom door opens and in walks my hubby with a lovely cup of coffee for me...BLESS! I sit and drink my cuppa. Meeeeooooow, "come on then, you want your dinner?" I say to my cats, they do actually understand the word dinner. I get out of bed...Meeeooow, oooowww, meeeeoooow, eeeoooow both cats are at my feet, looking up and trying to show me the way to their food cupboard. As I do my baby steps down the stairs my cats keep stopping every step and look back waiting for me, "I'm coming," I say to them. I feed them and they tuck right in to their food:)

Well, nothing on today, and there was me saying that nothing happens around here but these last couple of days  it has been all go.

As the day goes on I glance at the time again then all of a sudden...knock, knock, knock. My hubby opens the door, "hi," he says. Another small parcel. The things are handy dandy things..woohoo.

Two nut milk bags with collars that are pulled down to help squeeze the bag, the collars of course come off. The bags are FANTASTIC quality, I do want to buy more of them. The roller is a small roller, so instead of using fingers to flatten a raw crust I will just roll the roller over the crust in the tin, you can see this in the picture on the leaflet.

Back tomorrow.


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