Saturday, 30 March 2013

No Kale

Absolutely MAD! Asda have stopped selling bags and bunches of kale, I can't understand their reason behind it because often when I go to buy kale there is only one bag left or none of the bunches of kale, so why the HECK have you stopped selling kale asda?!?! Well, I am going to have to buy it from Tesco instead.

Peaches is pretty much the same:( She is still not eating:( Her walking is a little better but that is about it:(

I am starting my raw tomorrow. I have been creating trackers and charts and if I can find a way to put them on here I will, infact, can or will someone PLEASE tell me how to do that as a PDF I think it should be. These might help anyone following a raw eating plan or any other plan. I will try to figure it out in the meantime.

I have managed to put my charts and graphs on here for you to print. Click on my Trackers & Charts page. Let me know how they print off for you if you do print them.

That is about all for now. I will be back tomorrow.


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