Sunday, 15 September 2013

Baby Jayden

We have our youngest grandchild, Jayden for the weekend again. His Daddy and Mammy are back tonight when they will take him home. Jayden is no bother and he sleeps really well for us, not his Daddy and Mammy though :) and of course we always tell them how long he sleeps for...just to annoy them...evil smiles.

It is raining here in the UK today and it is definitely getting colder, infact I have had the heating on a few times over this last week.

I done a big grocery shop yesterday but I haven't managed to get to Costco for my usual but I will go there when I can. I have to wait for the gas man tomorrow because our yearly maintenance check is due. We decided to take up the gas insurance which we pay a monthly fee and part of this gas insurance is a yearly boiler etc maintenance check and they insist that this is done every year so I booked an appointment for tomorrow. We have had to take advantage of this gas insurance a few times after the new boiler was installed because of teething problems and we have been very pleased we have it, and yep, it saves a small fortune at the end of the day.


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