Monday, 16 September 2013

Nearly Home

I was up at 4.00am with my hubby because he is off to pay for and collect my Metamorphic. Adam and James also wanted to go along, I told them that there wouldn't be enough room in the car but insisted they did. Our eldest son, Michael also went to share the driving because it is 190 miles away. My hubby wanted to get there for 8.00am but they didn't get there until about 9.00am-ish. They have now got the Metamorphic and are on their way home.

I popped to the small Asda supermarket across the road to get a few things. I had just got into Asda when I heard, "there's Grandma" I turned around and there was our Michael's other half with our youngest grandson, Jayden, as usual he wasn't best pleased to see me, he is going through a only wanting his Daddy and Grandad phase at the moment. He was like that over the weekend, he will be for me and his Mammy again soon...he's a dafty, he makes us laugh with all the cute things he does. His Daddy and Mammy picked him up late afternoon yesterday.

The gas man is late, I booked the appointment for between and 12.00pm and he is just on his way here now...ah well, he is on his way so it doesn't matter.

Should be back later today with Metamorphic photo's


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