Saturday, 12 January 2013

That Cupboard

I went and bought a shelving unit today for that cupboard. I already have one of these shelving units in my kitchen with a load of my other raw things on and that is why I decided to buy another one of these shelves to put inisde this cupboard rather than put shelves up inisde the cupboard. These shelves are very sturdy and they seem to hold quite a lot of things.

Here is the BEFORE picture.

Can you see my cat, Princess having a snoop in the cupboard? As you can see things are just shoved into this cupboard.
Here is the AFTER picture.
A lot tidier eh? I am thinking of changing things around a little so I can get one of my other machines in there also but so I can just grab them easily.
We are going to Costco in the week, I really need to stock up on good things although I did buy a few things today: carrots, bananas, courgettes (zuchinni) mushrooms and celery.
Well, not a lot else to report today so I shall bid you all goodnight, until tomorrow, Night, Night.


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