Saturday, 5 January 2013

A Little Shopping

When I got up I jumped under the shower, dressed, makeup and hair done and then we decided to pop into town because we needed to buy James a new pair of shoes and I also wanted to buy that light shade for our bedroom. We bought the light shade but James didn't like the shoes we found because he had seen a pair in Tesco that he liked the last tiime we were in Tesco but as far as I could remember they didn't have his size but we went back to Tesco anyway....none in his size so we went back to our local town and bought the first pair...he's a happy lad now!
We seen my Mother and step Dad in town also and my Mother has taken her second lot of chemo medication, she said she felt a tad sick this morning but overall she is still feeling okay...which is good!

I forgot to get something to eat before we went out, purely because I didn't feel hungry so when we got back home at about 1.45pm I had three Laughing Giraffe snackaroons/macaroons.
Oh! And last night I finished my day off after my salad with two rather large persimmons...YUM!
It is now 2.50pm and I don't feel hungry still so I will eat something later.

I am managing to upload my pictures but blogger is still not playing nicely so I have had to upload them using HTML...awkward

Not a lot else to report at the moment but I should be back later today.

I had a nap this afternoon....grrr - I was very tired as I didn't get to bed until after 1am last night/morning which was because I was watching some of my new DVD's.

I had a salad again for my evening meal and for after my salad I thawed out 1 raw sweet mince pie that I put into the freezer a few days before Christmas. Shortly after my salad and sweet mince pie I was still feeling hungry and I did look at my husbands none raw jaffa cakes but I just knew that if I had one I would fall into the processed trap again and I would wish I hadn't eaten one so I did resist:) I then remembered that I had a bag of dried durian left which I was keeping for making raw chocolate with my Christmas present but because I have just ordered more durian I decided to have the bag of durian and a glass of water afterwards. The durian will swell up in my tummy and help make me feel satisfied, which it has.
I know why I am feeling more hungry today, it is because I am no where near eating enough so tomorrow I will eat more but of course it will be more fruits and veg, as long as it is raw.

Well, I have one more DVD to watch which is one and a half hours long, so I am now going to watch that and then to bed, earlier than last night.

Back tomorrow


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