Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Day 3 And....

Still going great guns...WooHoo I exercised again this morning, I done Tae Bo, so that is twice this week...YES! My raw is going great ANNND I haven't been craving naughties, maybe I have finally realised that I want to get fit and healthy, maybe it has FINALLY sunk in!!

I made a dessert this afternoon, well, actually it was meant to be a smoothie but maybe I was meant to put water in also, anyway, it was a recipe from, 'Yourproduceguy' on You Tube. I used the can of coconut, a little agave and two mango's but it came out thick like a yogurt consistency, but oh so yummy! I am going to make everyday video's so this is the sort of thing when I make something that I will video and upload each day.

I haven't any more vegan mayo that I love to have on my salads so this evening I just used a little olive oil and WOW! My salad was THE BEST YET!
I used shredded iceberg (no romaine in my fridge:()
Nutritional yeast
and because I had a small amount of cheesie Purple Corn kale chips left I decided to throw them onto my salad also to give it a little crunch, these just finished my salad off..PERFECT! And I didn't miss the vegan mayo either.

I am still going to be using vegan mayo, nutritional yeast, canned coconut and one or two other small things that aren't officially raw but are sometimes used in the raw world. Maybe canned coconut is raw, I'm not sure, I don't think so, I will have to check on that one.

Today I didn't feel the overwhelming need to sleep but I did still have a nap but I could well have not had the nap.
I am feeling more energetic, just better in myself and my tummy is feeling good, no nausea which I often feel, this might sound odd but my tummy is feeling clean inside, that is the only way I can describe it;) and it is certainly feeling less bloated.
I can do this, EASY!

I still have some of the coconut and mango dessert left so I am thinking of having that for my breakfast in the morning.

Back tomorrow, and I MUST do some vlogging!!

Night, Night


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