Thursday, 3 January 2013

Should I?

I have been thinking of maybe doing the occasional You Tube about my raw lifestyle and health, what do you think?

Yesterday went down the pan at about tea time when my husband came home with chocolate biscuits and chocolates. We went to my Mothers last night and she gave us Allioli dip, a whole cooked chicken, more biscuits and a box of chocolates. I felt so disappointed in myself, if I fail at the first hurdle what hope do I have.
Today is a new day albeit just the 3rd January but I am so determined to feel the benefits of losing weight and getting off my meds and healing my body.

Today my husband came home with a double Mars Bar...umm - straight away I didn't think..OOOoo that'll do for me, I decided to think to myself, ANYTHING that my husband brings in is for my boys from now on. I AM going to get into a raw lifestyle!

This morning I started off with a banana and strawberry smoothie, now I am buying these smoothies which I know are not the ideal but here is a picture of the ingredients in the smoothie, not bad!....For now!


I fell asleep this morning until about lunch time. I woke up at 3.30am and couldn't get back to sleep hence needing to have a morning nap. When I woke up from my morning nap I had a raw date and walnut chocolate bar.

I didn't have anything else until tea time which by that time I was starting to feel quite faint and heavy headed, actually, that has been happening a lot lately. I made quite a large salad for my evening meal which I sprinkled on some raw cheesie salad sprinkles.
I have been craving a thick salad dressing so I did use this, Solesse Vegan Mayo, not the best but I used it anyway.
I mixed a little Dijon mustard into the mayo also. After my salad I had 2....not the whole bag as I would do normally but only 2 raw almond snackaroons which are a macaroon.

I had a few ripe banana's sitting on my kitchen island so I have peeled those and they are now in the freezer.
Well, not a lot has happened today except that I am feeling DETERMINED to do this! I WANT TO! I AM GOING TO!!
Back tomorrow!!!!!!


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