Saturday, 2 February 2013

Day 13 - Russell James

I have to say that this week has been difficult which I am putting down to lady things and other things that have been going on that I mentioned in Day 10 but no matter what the reasons I STILL should have been on track, this is a lifestyle change not a limited time despite giving myself 28 days, this 28 days is a period of time to get myself organised and my taste buds changing but to carry on with raw foods for always.
I am going to get more on track so I can be at least 75% raw for this 28 days.

I have decided to go back through my Russell James course and start from the beginning and to maybe come up with the occasional recipe of my own, well, you never know, I might just manage it if I take my time with the courses, courses because I have the first and the dessert course:)

I had my two grandsons here tonight. It is Jaydens 1st Birthday tomorrow..BLESS! He is a very cute baby boy but then I am biased, any gran is biased of their grandchildren:)

I bought a few groceries this morning: Kale, cucumber, romaine, iceberg, tomatoes, aubergines and oranges YUM!
I also ordered a new raw DVD which hopefully wont take too long to arrive.

I am going to do a big grocery shop in a week or so and I may do a video of what I have bought to stock up my fridge with.

Just to mention, I don't paticularly enjoy the Cheezly vegan cheese very much, I would say that the firm raw cheese I make from the book is MUCH nicer, more cheesey flavoured I think, so the homemade cheese is what I will be sticking with in future, I wouldn't care but I have another 2 packets of the bought Cheezly in my fridge still, I wont waste it, I can eat it but I will sprinkle it with nutritional yeast to give it a more cheesey flavour.

Well that is all for now. I will be starting my Russell James course tomorrow and I will keep you posted on here.

Night, Night


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