Saturday, 29 December 2012

Getting Ready!

I am getting prepared and ready to start my raw living lifestyle on 1st January 2013.
I walked into town and back yesterday but today I drove but still walking yesterday was a good way to prepare and ease back into things on 1st January.

Well, Christmas, BOY! Did I get some fantastic Christmas presents and all ready for 1st January 2013, but first, here is a pic of the raw sweet mince pies.

Raw Christmas Sweet Mince Pies
You wouldn't think these are raw and they are so deliciously sweet, better than any cooked and processed sweet mince pie!!! I have put some into the freezer.
Okay then, onto Christmas pressies. I will start off slowly:)
This was from my son, Thorntons chocolates, Blossom hill wine and a beautiful Dolce & Gabbana Perfume. The box is a velvety texture...GORGEOUS! As is the perfume of course.

A single tea pot. The tea is masted in the pot and instead of pouring the tea, I simply lift the pot and sit it onto the cup and it filters into the cup with no loose tea going into the cup....INGENIOUS!
I am going to start and drink more tea's and attempt to cut out or certainly cut right down on my coffee consumption.
A raw living order with some new products, Festive Pie bar, Date & Walnut bar and a Furikaki sprinkle and a Pizzeria sprinkle...BRILLIANT!

Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine Part 2 DVD. I wanted part 2 first as it looked like it had better recipes but my hubby has sent for part 1 now for my Birthday which is in just over a weeks time.

Yantra Mat. This is a modern day bed of nails. It helps with sleep, stress, soothes back problems, increases energy and improves metabolism...WOW! That will do me!!

A Breville Whole Fruit Juicer. 1000 watt Pro Kitchen Juicer.
I do have a Jack La lanne but to be honest it leaves the pulp rather wet so I asked for this Breville juicer instead. I have heard lots of good things about the Breville.

A chocolate tempering machine, can you believe it? How fantastic is this? I will be making raw chocolate with this.

 And now the Daddy! A Thermomix!!! This does raw and cooks food and much MUCH MORE!

There are also lots of You Tube video's to watch of the Thermomix being demonstrated, just type in Thermomix into You Tube.

Well, there you go, my Christmas presents. What did you get for Christmas?!?!


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