Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Nearly two weeks

It has been nearly two weeks since I was last here...Oops! Anyway, we have made great progress and the house is looking very festive. There are one or two little touch ups to do and that is it.

I am doing our big grocery shop at the weekend and buying any last minute presents. I am also going to buy my Mother a little get well present. My mother had her operation but has to have chemo to kill any last remaining bits of the cancer and hopefully it will do the trick and she will have many more years of life to live. My gran was in her 80's when she passed away, my Mother is only 67 years old, my Dad was only 69 when he passed young!!

I am plouging through my Christmas cleaning i.e. under kickboards, cleaning blinds and windows etc. The house is is lot cleaner anyway after getting all that decorating and revamping done around here but I doing the under, behind, on top and inside cleaning and throwing out no good things now.

My raw has not been great over these last few weeks but I am not going to worry too much at the moment because come January I will be back on the raw wagon and on that raw wagon I will stay especially as I do not want to get the same disease my parents.

I have been able to get my exercise machines out after doing the revamping which I am going to try to get a lot more use out of. I have a treadmill, power plate, rebounder and a pilates machine and not forgetting all my DVD's, I am a lady of leisure so what excuse do I have to not be using them?! NONE!! So come January 1st that is it! I am going to use them...YeeHaa I am going to use them aswell as my new kitchen machines that I am getting for Christmas, I'm not telling you yet what they are but you will see, probably on Christmas day I will post pics of them.

Well that is all for now so I shall bid you night night and I will try to get back tomorrow but if not I will be here on Friday.

Chimney Removed
Loft Window Installed
James' Bedroom Walls
James' Underlay & bedroom Carpet
James New Lightshade
James' New Desk

James' Bedroom New Window Sill
Adams New Desk
Adams Bedroom New Window Sill
Adams Bedroom WallsAdams New Bedroom Carpet (probably next year, he got a new carpet about 2 year ago)
Our bedroom Walls
Our Bedroom New Window Sill
Our Underlay & bedroom Carpet
Our New Lightshade
Tile Kitchen Floor
Tile Kitchen Under Cupboard Wall Tiles - Half doneKitchen Under Cupboard Lights to be fitted and wired in
Replace Back Garden Fence Post
Replace Front Garden Gate Posts
Paint Front Door
Paint 2 Little Windows
Paint Stairs, Hall and Landing
New Carpet Stairs and Landing (probably next year for this)
Insulate remaining Loft
Carpet Loft (probably next year)
Livingroom New Window Sill
Livingroom replacement chair


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