Friday, 21 December 2012


I popped back out to the shops today to get a few more things to put into the hamper for my Mother and step Dad.
Here are some pics of the hamper I have put together. Unfortunately I didn't have a bigger box so I couldn't angle things to display them better, ah well, I'm sure they will be pleased with this. I have put sweet mince pies, Christmas bar cake, fudge and choccy biscuits in also which they like, it's nice to have a treat at Christmas time.
NOT the best photo's.

I think I may have used too much cling wrap over the box this time but it was coming to the end of the roll so I just used what was left..oopsie!
I will drop this off at my Mothers tomorrow especially as I have put a net of clemintines in there also.
Well, that is all my Christmas shopping done for this year.

I received a package today of raw Christmas sweet mince pies, I also ordered a portion of raw Christmas cake which I will take a pic of and show you tomorrow.

I have decided to start my day off tomorrow with a bowl of raspberries for breakfast and to try to be more raw for the next couple of days but to well and truly get back on the raw food wagon as of 1st January.

Today has been another cleaning day and laundry day, not much more of the Christmas cleaning to do now but I did have to do a deeper clean of the house anyway after all the work that has been done around here.
Today I have cleaned another 3 sets of blinds (a couple more to do) , cleaned another 4 windows (a couple more to do) cleaned 1 radiator, stripped and made our bed, done 3 loads of laundry, dried and folded it. More to do tomorrow.

It is my Birthday early next month....BAH HUMBUG! Another year older...HEY! And wiser....well, maybe :)

Night Night


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