Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Simply THE Best

YEEEAAAH!!!!...I am feeling GREAT lately! The depression has really lifted and I am getting and WANTING to get into my routines, I feel more energised and happier! Oh I LOVE THIS!!! I think that when I have been feeling better on and off over the last few months it hasn't been a deep happier feeling but now it is SOOO much deeper, stronger, I am feeling FAB!

Okay, I need to get a few pics on here and a BRILLIANT cheese pic from a recipe I found. This cheese recipe is a set, firmish chedda cheese that melts and slices and apparently can be grated, so watch this space it will be on here. I received a book today, 'Live RAW' by Mimi Kirk, so I will have a good ole look through that and see what shouts out, "make me"
Oh! I have just remembered that I need to take a my pic of my September buy, so I will get that done tonight or tomorrow, it depends if I will get the pics done tonight because my eldest baby boy is visiting tonight and I love to spend time with him. We have had trouble with him over the years but he has really grown up lately and he also seems happier, he is the BEST! Love, love LOVE him!

I need to come off the computer for a while because we had to buy a new printer and my hubs needs to install it, I don't know how to do the technical things...teehee Our other printer is fine, it's a Lexmark but the inks are SOOO expensive, nearly £20 each and they don't last very long, so a new printer it had to be.

Back later or tomorrow.


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