Thursday, 27 October 2011

Day 9 & Weigh In

Time: 8.34am.
Weighed in this morning as Thursday's are my weigh in days and I have had another small loss of .7 I have updated this on my 'Weigh In' Page.

I have eaten a pear so far this morning. I didn't get my granola made last night because I need to soak lots of things so I am going to soak them today and get the granola into the dehydrator tonight.

I was awake just before 5.00am this morning to clear up cat sick. Peaches is sick sometimes, she brings up fur balls and of course it has to be cleaned up straight away, so, I am feeling tired again this morning.....what's new there?!

Peaches. The pic is a tad blurry but she is so cute!!!

I have just finished making the granola and it is now in the dehydrator for tomorrow's breakfast, of course it wont all be eaten tomorrow, there is 3 sheets of it so it will last for some time and it stores well in an airtight container.

It is now 10.05pm and I am normally in bed before now so I will say, "night night"

Back tomorrow.


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