Friday, 28 October 2011

Day 10....Humm

I haven't done so good today, lazy, yet not. I say lazy because I have consumed mostly cooked and all of which I don't particularly enjoy, so, why? Lazy because I couldn't be bothered to prepare raw, so I just snacked on Rich Tea biscuits and also a few chips that I cooked for the families meal, I HAVE had fruit and grawnola today, so not ALL bad. Not so lazy today because I vacuumed and cleaned all my floors, I swear if floors could breath then they would have been gasping for air...not like me to not keep on top of pun intended. My floors are usually the first thing I do every morning even if nothing else gets done. I threw all my rugs and doors mats into the washing machine, I could because they are machine washable which I LOVE! I vacuumed my bedrooms, landing and stairs, not so lazy today! AHEM! Except for the fact that I had an afternoon nap for 3 hours, yep! I did say 3 hours!

After I showered this morning and whilst getting dressed I noticed the top of my left arm, just near the underarm but at the front, it was looking a bit patchy and swollen, "what is that? I must be allergic to something or something more sinister is happening." Thinking something more sinister, how we do, but then on closer inspection...."Oh my goodness, never in this world!" Stretch marks, two of and very swollen and red looking and not nice to see AT ALL! And itchy, they have been itchy. I have been managing not to scratch them. I have noticed over the last year or two, especially over this last year that my body has changed, the skin has changed i.e. loosness, there such a word? Cellulity? I am looking more podgy in my belly, back and arms. My legs have changed shape, and no! It isn't just because of weight because I have been losing albeit a little bit, but even when hovering around the same weight, my body, skin etc has definitely changed. I think I might be peri-menopausal because other things have been happening a little more which could explain as to why my skin has changed. 
I have GOT to move and exercise, so to get back into things I will keep on top of my floors daily.....moving those arms! I am going to do the school walks daily again and also do my exercise DVD's. I have so many new exercise DVD's, some of which are still in their cellophanes. I haven't even done my Zumba which I got for Christmas last year. I have been lazy for too long. I have had rough patches this year, like we all have sometimes and it is time to stop wallowing in my problems and, "put myself first and take more care of myself, my health!!" Turn my negative thoughts into positives!!...BE ME!!...JUST, BE ME!! Get the old me back again, a RE-NEWED ME!! That sounds contradictory, the old me yet a re-newed me, by that I mean, the old me by getting my routines back again but a re-newed me because everything will be better with more determination, more gusto, happiness, healthiness, calmness, more energetic, more pride, more awake, being positive, less NO negatives...MORE ALIVE!! I just WANT TO BE ME!!

I feel like blogging more lately which I am enjoying doing!
When I feel that I am lacking that raw motivation I always watch You Tubes and Michelle K is one of my favourites! So I was very pleased to see another raw un-cooking upload today.
Here is a link to her You Tube, 'It's A High Raw Life' She is so inspiring!

I am thinking of making some kale chips tomorrow - Oh! AND some RAW caramel Popcorn, ANNND I am thinking of drinking a lot more juices throughout my days, not doing a juice feast, just getting those good ole liquids into my body. Juices are always a good thing and I could make them in the morning and have them throughout my day when I feel, "laziness" coming on.

Well, I think that is all for now and ramblings done for today so I will say, "nighty night" and I will be back tomorrow - Oh! I still need to do my October Buy which I will do tomorrow also, it's another good one, but then it would be or I wouldn't have bought, durrr.


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