Thursday, 20 October 2011

Day 2

I wanted to make some coconut yogurt but I didn't have any young coconuts in the house. Lately the young coconuts haven't had any meat in them just water so I haven't been buying them, but because I wanted to make a coconut yogurt I thought I would have another go (sure I've tried this before) making some yogurt using the brown coconuts. Brown coconuts are so cheap to buy at only 49p each but unfortunately they are so much harder to work with. I cracked, drained and de-meated the coconut and cleaned it up. I wanted to grate the meat first to make it easier for the vitamix to cream it but it was going to make such a mess using the box grater and I could not be bothered to get the cuisinart out, so I just whacked the meat straight into the vitamix along with the water, but as I thought, it didn't cream it down and the longer I was blending the warmer it was getting so I had to keep stopping. I blended it for as long as I dare but it still had a slight graininess to it. I poured it into a glass jar, added a probiotic and left it to ferment over night in a warm place. This morning I checked it but unfortunately it hadn't expanded or got little bubbles in it, so I am assuming it hadn't worked; I'm still eating it anyway.

Here is a pic inside the jar that I have just taken, I think it does look mildly bubbly, maybe it IS fermenting...I don't know, actually, it might just be looking grainy.
I was thinking that maybe I should have added a small amount of sweetener when I added the probiotic because the brown coconuts are less sweet than the young coconuts, maybe that is what it needed, but what what sweetener to use?....Errrm - coconut nectar? Zylitol? I'm sure that the probiotics feed on the sugars that are present in the foods which helps with the fermentation...if I'm wrong them someone please correct me! Next time I make this I am going to grate the meat before blending it so as to help it to cream better.

I had some of this coconut yogurt, dates, a few nuts and a diced pear for my breakfast this morning and I have to say, it was very yummy!
After breakfast I popped to Asda for a pumpkin, I have a few recipe's I want to try.

I haven't had any lunch yet, I have a bit of a headache and I am going to sit and close my eyes for a while to see if it lifts.

Oh! We got up to frost on the roof of my car this morning.....brrrr

Bitt, I am happy to post pics/fave meals etc here on this page aswell as in the other pages so it is quicker.


bitt said...

thanks! just didn't want to miss anything. i guess i follow too many blogs and my primary way of updating is through google reader.

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