Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Day 7 & Green Jewels

Green jewels...I don't think so!
I bought a jar of olives some years ago out of curiosity to taste them (the jar below is not the jar from years ago I hasten to add) because so many people seem to enjoy eating them, but I have to say, I didn't like them at all! But as the years have gone on and I have been eating lots of raw over the years, actually, I think since 2007 on and off I thought that I would buy another jar of olives because I am finding that people use them a lot in raw foods.
I chose a jar of the green olives for only 46p no way was I going to pay £1.46p for a jar of olives when I still may not like them.

I opened the jar feeling convinced that I would enjoy them. I grabbed a cocktail stick and pierced the green jewel, telling myself, "yes, this looks yummy," and thinking of all the raw recipe's I could use these in. I popped it into my mouth....BLEURGH! I still DO NOT LIKE THEM AT ALL! I wont be buying them again.

Over the last two days I have not eaten much, I haven't felt like eating, I haven't been feeling hungry. Yesterday I had a banana and a salad. Today I have eaten a satsuma, a small bar of raw chocolate and I have to confess to eating two sausages that I had left over after cooking the families evening meal. I am feeling that I am/have going/gone off any meat, it tastes like raw flesh, even when cooked...obviously, that pinkness it has is so unappealing to me now and doesn't taste like it used to. I am thinking of what I am eating; animals that were once living. They didn't die of an illness or old age like humans, they were killed to feed humans. No! I don't feel that even a small bit of none raw is for me any more!!! I am NOT enjoying any of it any more, my taste buds must be changing. Since eating the sausages and the olive I have been feeling decidedly sickly in my tummy. A nights sleep should hopefully put that to rights ready for a raw day tomorrow. I am thinking of making a raw strawberry soda tomorrow...YUM!

Oh! I was forced to colour my hair last Sunday, I was sporting a halo of white/grey...I call it, my natural blonde....teehee but I didn't like it, it looks better now! I hate having to colour my hair, such a tedious job to have to do.

I am still cleaning my cupboards and throwing things away, I am having to be strict with myself because there are some things that I just know I wont ever use, so despite them being in good condition I am chucking them. I am finding it hard to throw away clothes in smaller sizes that I once used to fit into, maybe I will keep some of them as gauges of my weightloss to come.

Well, that is me for now. I will be back tomorrow.


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