Saturday, 15 October 2011

SOOO Busy!

I have been SOO busy for the last couple of weeks. I have been clearing the little bedroom/spare bedroom of all it's rubbish and clutter and WOW! There was a LOT of things in that room, everything would get thrown into that room and although not a big room it certainly could hold a lot of things. We have done 2 trips to the amenities and two big lots have gone into a bin wagon. I threw away an old but barely used and still in excellent condition manual treadmill, I have my electric treadmill and the manual treadmill was simply taking up extra room. The things that I have kept have gone up into the loft.
Doing all that work has certainly exercised my body, so much so that I have lost on the scales for 3 weeks in a row.
I still want to go through more things in my bedroom also i.e. my wardrobes etc I LOVE throwing away rubbish, it is very theraputic!
The reason I have been sorting out the spare bedroom is because James has been asking for his own bedroom. In the new year we will be skimming and re-flooring that room but in the meantime James has his own bedroom now, he is one happy chappy!!

I walked into town, around town and back yesterday and I can feel it today in my legs despite doing all that lifting and sorting over these last couple of weeks. We done our big grocery shop yesterday too, so that was also more walking.
I bought some new Green Bags yesterday for my fresh produce, hopefully things might last a tad longer, the Green Bags also help to keep the nutrients etc in the food.
I have started my Christmas shopping for James and my OH, so that is their main pressies in, still need to get lots more and to start Adam's, Michael's and our grandchildren's pressies. Christmas seems to have come earlier this year, the shops have loads of Christmas decorations and toys etc in and their Christmas catalogues are all out.

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks.

Before and after of creamed Cacao Butter.
I had never creamed Cacao Butter in my stone grinder, I wasn't sure if it would even grind down because it is rather hard, but after grating it with ease on my microplane box grater I sprinkled the grated cacao shavings into my stone grinder and it creamed it beautifully. When I added the other ingredients that were needed to make raw chocolate it thinned out even more.

I made mint shells and nut butter cups...BEAUTIFUL!

A raw pizza
I should have added more colour i.e. red pepper, spinach leaves. This was very YUMCIOUS! But I sprinkled on too much onion as the onion was quite strong.

Well that is all for now. I will get  


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