Wednesday, 17 August 2011

August Buy

Not a lot happening today. I dozed off this morning, I just felt SOO tired. I haven't been so good today, I have eaten a couple of snacky, cheapy Mars bars...TUT TUT.

The weather is terrible here lately and it was quite cold this morning, fine by me because I dont like the heat so much.

Here is my August buy, a Samson Sonic Food Washer. My hubby wont have a sandwich made with lettuce the day after buying the lettuce because it tastes old to him but I made him a sandwich with lettuce that was nearly a week old but washed in the Sonic first and he said it was so fresh and tasted cleaner, when I told him the lettuce was nearly a week old he couldn't believe it, that is how good this machine is...worth every penny:

Back tomorrow.


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