Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Not Nice!

I let my oldest son, Michael use my car yesterday which was fine. Later in the day I went to pick my hubby up from work, I don't bother to drive when he is around so as I got into the passenger seat I noticed a large scratch right beside the passenger door handle......GRRR I know that it was Michael's nasty piece of work of a girlfriend who done it because firstly, she doesn't drive and would have used the passenger door and secondly, I don't want her back in my house for reasons I wont go into, but nor would you if you knew why!!! I know it was her FOR SURE! She has done evil things against us before, she is the type that likes to get her own back....how sad eh?!?! And all because she done quiet a serious thing to me so I told her not to come back to my home again and I cant and wont forgive her, not any more, I mean, have I got to just allow her to commit crimes etc against me and mine?!?! NO!!!...I am done forgiving her now! She has threatened to damage our car before. Yes, I know! More fool me for allowing Michael to use my car knowing that she would be in the car...lesson learnt!!

Anyway, When I picked my hubby up we went to buy my coconuts, I couldn't go without them...teehee On our way back we went to Tesco and the Nutri Centre to buy some Coconut flour so I can make some recipe's from an Ebook I bought yesterday for raw cupcakes...YUM!

I am going to take a pic of my August buy tomorrow so you are going to have to pop back to see what it is, it's a BRILLIANT piece of kit! I love it!! I had to order it in from America because places in the UK have stopped selling it because there wasn't the demand for it. Places in the UK used to sell it, I have seen it in some of my favourite online places but then I stopped seeing it, ah well! I have mine now.

Today has just been housework.
Back tomorrow with my pic.


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