Sunday, 14 August 2011

Should I or Shouldn't I??...

keep blogging, that is what I have been asking myself for some time now, but I have decided to keep blogging but to be consistent, it's no good blogging once every so many weeks, I need to be accountable if I am to succeed.

Yesterday we went out for our big grocery shop. We were in Asda at about 7.00am and it was bliss! There was barely anyone there and they had minimal lighting, it felt very cozy and a pleasure to be in Asda. When we came home I put some things away and had a cup of coffee, yes! I know, the caffene, I will come off coffee eventually but it will be one of the last things that I do. We then went to town to post a parcel and I remembered that I forgot a letter that I also needed to post....drat! I will have to go back to town in the next day or so, good excuse to walk and get some exercise! Then to the sweetie stall for Cinder Toffee for my Dad, he is quite partial to Cinder Toffee afterall, it was his Birthday....yesterday....TUT TUT we are a day late. After town we went to a shop my hubby wanted to go to then we went to Tesco for my sweet onions and a box of Mango's and then finally to Costco... I LOVE THAT PLACE! I stocked up on a load of fresh fruit and veg at Costco. On our way back we went to my Dads to drop his Cinder Toffee and belated Birthday cards....shocking not getting to my dads until a day after his Birthday, I need my wrists slapped. We love going to my Dads and I just LOVE to give hime wrong for various things....getting my own back for him giving me wrong when I was a, not really but I do tend to give him wrong....teehee
When we got home I realised that I forgot to get my Green Coconuts...ARRRGGHH! I didn't go back for them.

Oh! I didn't post my July buy pic did I? Here it is:

EVA 12L Water Filter.

This filter is FANTASTIC! The things it filters out is amazing. The water goes through 8 different filters literally one drop at a time so of course it takes a little while to filter water, about 1 hour per 1 litre. It produces Spring water. If anyone wants to read more about this then click EVA

Here is just a SMALL description also.

General Description :

The Ultimate filter: the most complete filter cartridge in Europe. Volcanic rocks and remineralisation: EVA water filtration technology lets you drink remineralised water close to the best natural waters…

Thanks to its unique filtration process, the volcanic rocks on different levels of filtration, release a mineral complement rich in oligo-elements, that helps your body get the elements essential for a good physiological balance.

Selected and extracted from regions far away from human pollution, the EVA rocks diffuse a number of minerals into the filtered and purified water. These rocks also help with the stabilization of the pH level of the water after filtration.

Eva Advanced Water Filtration System:

    * Is healthy
    * Is economical
    * Eco-friendly
    * Provides an unlimited guarantee
    * Is accredited and scientifically proven by independent laboratories
    * Comes complete
    * Ideal for the home or small office (Dimensions: 65cm x 25-32cm)

Eva is considered to be the best natural gravity filtration system.

It really is a good filter.

Today, I am going to do some laundry and general tidying around. OH!! I just remembered, I bought Abeba's NEWEST Krazy Kracker book, I have all of Abeba's books now...WooHoo

ABEBA'S More Lip Smackin Favourites

Right then, that is all for now. Keep checking back because I am going to blog regularly!


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